Alpha E10 Fault

Alpha E10 Fault

The E10 fault code on Alpha boilers is related to an overheating condition. An overheating situation occurs when the internal temperature of the boiler exceeds a permissible limit that might cause the action of safety devices shutting off the appliance in order to prevent any damage or danger. Several factors may cause this overheat condition which renders normal operation of the boiler impossible.
Causes Of Alpha E10 Error CodePump Failure: When central heating pump fails or becomes stuck, it will not allow water to circulate properly through the system and as a result, lead to excessive heat inside the boiler.

Blocked Heat Exchanger: The presence of sludge or scale in your exchanger means that water flow is restricted hence causing it to overheat.

Insufficient Water Flow: Reduced water flow could be due to low system water pressure or airlock problems within your system leading to overheating by your boiler.

Faulty Thermostat: The thermostat’s inability to accurately control temperature can lead to overheating thus malfunctioning an entire system.

Restricted Flow Settings: Inappropriate flow settings may also influence inadequate circulation of water and hence create conditions for excess heat development.

How To Troubleshoot And Resolve Alpha E10 Error Code

Check The Pump: Make sure that the central heating pump is working fine. Listen for any unusual noise and touch it with your hand if it feels hot which may mean that although operational, it might be struggling.

Examine The Heat Exchanger: Investigation should be done on whether there are sign showing accumulation of sludge or even scaling within the equipment used for heating our homes that operates as a heat exchanger. A professional may also need to conduct a chemical system cleanse so as remove any debris obstructing flow.

Observe Water Pressure: Ensure that you check how your systems’ pressure level is at during such times when one needs re-pressurizing if a drop below what has been recommended takes place; besides, bleeding radiators will help remove any traces of air locks in them.

Test The Thermostat: A test should be carried out on the thermostat’s performance. It must therefore be replaced by a qualified technician if it proves to be defective.

Correct Flow Settings: Check the flow rate settings in your boiler guide or consult with a professional to ensure that they are right for your system.

Reset Your Boiler: If you have resolved the above and issues still persist then try resetting it to see whether this fault disappears and normal functioning resumes.

Professional Assistance: Should there be persistence of error E10 or failure in diagnosing, contacting an engineer registered under Gas Safe would be appropriate. It is worth noting that such specialists are more trained to offer secure diagnosis and remedy overheating root cause problems.


The Alpha E10 error code indicates a serious overheat problem that needs immediate attention. Even though some checks can be done by homeowners themselves, rectifying the underlying causes of overheat conditions often calls for professionals’ interventions. Your boiler will operate safely and efficiently if you keep it well-maintained and undertake repairs when required.