Alpha E10 Fault

Alpha E10 Fault

The Alpha E10 error code indicates an overheat condition in the boiler. This situation arises when the boiler’s internal temperature exceeds the maximum safe limit, which can trigger safety mechanisms to shut down the boiler to prevent damage or a safety hazard. An overheat condition can be caused by several factors that disrupt normal boiler operation.

Causes of Alpha E10 Error Code

  1. Pump Failure: A malfunctioning or seized central heating pump can prevent water from circulating properly, causing heat to build up within the boiler.
  2. Blocked Heat Exchanger: Sludge or scale buildup in the heat exchanger can restrict water flow, leading to overheating.
  3. Insufficient Water Flow: Low system water pressure or airlocks in the system can reduce water flow, contributing to overheating.
  4. Faulty Thermostat: A thermostat that fails to regulate the boiler’s temperature accurately can cause the system to overheat.
  5. Restricted Flow Settings: Incorrectly set flow rates can also lead to inadequate water circulation and overheating.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the Alpha E10 Error Code

  1. Check the Pump: Ensure the central heating pump is operational. Listen for any unusual noises and check if it’s hot to the touch, which might indicate it’s working but possibly struggling.
  2. Inspect the Heat Exchanger: Look for signs of sludge or scale buildup in the heat exchanger. A professional system flush may be required to clear blockages.
  3. Verify Water Pressure: Check the system’s water pressure and repressurize if it’s below the recommended level. Also, bleed radiators to remove any airlocks.
  4. Examine the Thermostat: Test the thermostat for proper operation. A faulty thermostat should be replaced by a qualified technician.
  5. Adjust Flow Settings: Consult the boiler manual or a professional to ensure the flow rate settings are correct for your system.
  6. Reset the Boiler: After addressing any issues, try resetting the boiler to see if the error clears and normal operation resumes.
  7. Professional Help: If the E10 error persists or you’re unable to diagnose the issue, it’s advisable to contact a Gas Safe registered engineer. A professional can safely identify and repair the cause of the overheating.


The Alpha E10 error code signifies a critical overheating issue that requires prompt attention. While some checks and adjustments can be made by the homeowner, resolving the underlying cause of an overheat condition often necessitates professional intervention. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can help prevent such issues, ensuring your boiler operates safely and efficiently.