Ariston 108 Fault

Ariston 108 Fault

Ariston error code 108 is an indication of water pressure dropping significantly within the boiler system, which means that the system’s pressure has gone way below its operating level. This is a higher form of low water pressure problem that may imply serious leakage or major failures in the pressure maintenance system.
Reasons for Error Code 108Major Leaks: Massive losses of water due to large leaks in the heating system’s pipework, radiators or boiler components make it possible for drastic lowering of the prevailing pressure.

Malfunctioning Pressure Relief Valve: Excessive release of water from the malfunctioning relief valve might also contribute to significant loss of pressure.

Filling Loop Problems: The incorrect setup or failure of filling loops can prevent them from keeping appropriate pressures.

Recent Maintenance and/or Repairs: Where there was recent servicing and/or repair work done on their heating systems without subsequent re-pressurization done correctly, such a case could result into cases where low-pressure condition exists.

Troubleshooting and Solving Error Code 108

Find and Mend Leaks: Inspect the system for visible signs of leaks. Check all readily accessible pipework, radiators as well as boiler components. Any identified leakages should be fixed right away.

Re-pressurize the Boiler System: Repressurizing the system with care using the filling loop that comes with most boilers usually takes it up to about 1 -1.5 bar. Consult your boiler’s user guide to find out how this is done.

The Pressure Relief Valve Should Be Checked: Confirm if the pressure relief valve does not have any problems by making sure it does not let out unnecessary water. It might be necessary to change if it is defective.

Check Filling Loop: Ensure that you have set up your filling loop properly and test whether it works fine. The above needs to be resolved when there are some filling loop issues that interfere with maintaining system pressure..

Boiler Reset: Once you have dealt with potential causes and re-pressurized the system, try resetting the boiler to see if this clears the fault and allows normal operation.

Seek Professional Help: When it comes to error code 108, especially where there is no open leakage or there is need for replacing components in the system, one may need to find a professional to handle it as it could lead to complex circumstances. Thus, it is recommended that you consult with a qualified heating engineer who will be able to thoroughly inspect your device, identify all possible causes accurately and further repair what needs fixing.


Error code 108 from Ariston indicates that water pressure has become a major issue which requires immediate attention so as to allow smooth running of the boiler. Homeowners can do some basic checks and even attempt to re-pressurize but usually getting at the root course of an excessive pressure loss would necessitate expert involvement. Hence, regular maintenance plus timely fixes can keep such problems at bay and ensure that your heating system functions well.