Baxi Common Faults and Error Codes

Baxi Common Faults and Error Codes

Baxi boilers, like other brands, have a system of fault and error codes that indicate specific issues within the boiler’s operation. By understanding these codes, one can be able to determine whether or not professional help is required in fixing them. Below are some common Baxi boiler fault and error codes as well as their meanings;
E133: Gas Supply Fault – It shows a problem with the gas supply such as gas valve failure low gas pressure or turning off.

E119: Low Water Pressure – This indicates that the water pressure has fallen below the minimum required level due to leaks or natural pressure loss.

E168: Electrical Fault – It suggests there may be problem with the electrical supply of the boiler which could be caused by an electric surge, poorly connected wires, or interior electrical components of the boiler.

E125: Circulation Fault (Primary) – Here there is some blockage around the pump and also a faulty pump system that can indicate poor circulation of water in the heating system.

E128: Flame Failure – This arises when during ignition trials there is no flame detected by a boiler e.g., fireside issues, flue problems or fuel supply.

E160: Fan Fault – The fan is malfunctioning which will cause gases to stay inside and thus need replacement for fresh air intake purposes.

E1: NTC Thermistor Faults – These errors (such as E1 followed by another number like 30 or 31) relate to faults with the thermistors (temperature sensors), indicating issues with temperature readings within the boiler.

E78: Water Pressure Sensor Fault – Sensor measuring water pressure was damaged causing it to give wrong readings

Troubleshooting and Resolution

How about starting from E133? Check if you have your gas on at home and other appliances working. If all those are fine then your problems could lie elsewhere such as boilers’ ignitions systems or valves.

Do I begin at E119? Pressure gauge should be checked and if necessary the system should be re-pressurized. It’s also good to look for visible leaks, which may require fixing.

E168? Ensure that the boiler is well connected to its power source and there has been no recent power surge. In case this fails then one might seek for a professional help whereby the PCB in boilers shall require maintenance.

E125 – any blockages? And check if it pumps. This issue should be handled by someone with expertise in it.

Oh, E128! Look at the flue pipe first in case of blockage and gas supply problems. Gas safe registered engineer has to deal with persistent flame failures.

Let’s take a look at E160 – fan fault. You have to ask a specialist to examine it and possibly replace it.

That means I need my NTC Thermistor Faults cleaned or replaced – these detectors often need technical assistance for accurate diagnostics!

This will be done by professionals because E78 (Water Pressure Sensor Fault).