Baxi E119 Fault

Baxi E119 Fault

E119 is an error code on Baxi Boilers that indicates a low water pressure issue. This occurs when the water pressure in the heating system falls below the minimum requirement needed for smooth and safe operation of the boiler.
Causes of E119 Error Code

Heating System Leaks: Any leakage however small leads to slow loss of water, hence reduction in pressure.

Radiators bled recently: This practice is recommended since it helps remove trapped air within radiators but not topping up after this process may result in low overall system pressure.

Pressure Relief Valve Malfunctioning: When the valve fails, it allows flow leading to loss of pressure in the system.

Natural Pressure Loss Over Time: Heating systems lose their pressure with time which necessitates occasional top-up.

Troubleshooting and Resolving E119 Error Code

Visible Leak Check: Look at your radiators, pipes or boilers for any signs of leaks. If you find a leak then you must repair it.

Re-pressurize System: To re-pressurise your boiler system yourself, you usually use filling loop. This entails opening valves on filling loop to allow water into system until pressure gauge reads desired range (normally around 1-1.5 bar) then closing valves. You will find instructions for doing this in your boilers manual

Bleed Radiators – If you haven’t recently bled your radiators, there could be trapped air causing problems with pressure across the whole system. But first bleed all air from each radiator before possibly needed to once again pressurize your systems.

Check PRV – if suspecting faulty PRV (e.g., continuous dripping from discharge pipe), contact professional for repair or replacement advice?

Boiler Reset – Once dealt with the low-pressure problem reset boiler so as to clear error code E119 and check if everything returns back to normality again before using it.

Seek Professional Help – In case you cannot pinpoint why the pressure is low, or if it still continues after pressure has been restored, ring a Gas Safe registered engineer to come and fix the issue. They can identify and remedy an underlying problem that could be causing the decrease in pressure.


The Baxi E119 error code often occurs with many boilers; however, this can usually be fixed by re-pressurizing the system. Monitoring your boiler’s pressure gauge frequently may enable you recognize any low-pressure conditions early enough before it becomes a bigger problem. For recurrent cases, professional diagnosis and repair are recommended to ensure safety and efficiency of your heating system.