Baxi E128 Fault

Baxi E128 Fault

The Baxi E128 error code is a specific fault indication related to flame failure during the boiler’s operation. This error suggests that the boiler attempted to ignite, but the flame was not successfully detected, or it went out unexpectedly during operation. Several factors can contribute to this issue, impacting the boiler’s ability to provide heating and hot water efficiently and safely.

Causes of the E128 Error Code

  1. Gas Supply Issues: Interruptions or insufficient gas pressure can prevent the burner from igniting or maintaining a flame.
  2. Faulty Ignition Electrodes: Worn out or improperly positioned ignition electrodes may fail to ignite the gas mixture.
  3. Blocked Burner or Injectors: Dirt, debris, or corrosion in the burner or injectors can hinder gas flow and flame stability.
  4. Flue or Air Intake Obstructions: Blockages in the flue or air intake system can restrict the airflow necessary for combustion.
  5. Faulty Flame Sensor: The flame sensor detects the presence of a flame; if it’s malfunctioning, it might not recognize an existing flame, leading to shutdown.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the E128 Error Code

  1. Check Gas Supply: Ensure the gas supply valve is fully open and check other gas appliances in the home to verify there’s no wider supply issue. If the gas pressure seems low, contact your gas supplier.
  2. Inspect Ignition Electrodes: Look for signs of wear, damage, or misalignment in the ignition electrodes. Replacing or repositioning the electrodes requires a professional.
  3. Clean the Burner and Injectors: A Gas Safe registered engineer can clean or replace blocked burners or injectors to ensure proper gas flow and ignition.
  4. Clear Flue and Air Intake: Inspect the flue and air intake for any obstructions. Removal of blockages should be done carefully and might require professional help.
  5. Replace Faulty Flame Sensor: If the flame sensor is suspected to be faulty, it should be replaced by a qualified technician to ensure accurate detection of the flame.
  6. Reset the Boiler: After addressing the potential issues, reset the boiler to see if it returns to normal operation. A reset can often clear temporary faults.
  7. Professional Assistance: Given the potential complexity and safety concerns associated with flame failure issues, it’s advisable to consult a Gas Safe registered engineer for a comprehensive diagnosis and repair.


The Baxi E128 error code indicates a serious concern that requires immediate attention to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your boiler. While homeowners can perform preliminary checks, resolving the underlying cause of flame failure often necessitates professional intervention. Regular maintenance and servicing can help prevent such issues by ensuring that the boiler and its components are in good working condition.