Baxi E128 Fault

Baxi E128 Fault

A specific flame failure fault, Baxi E128 error code indicates that the boiler failed to sustain a flame or it was lost unexpectedly during operation. There could be several reasons for this problem that affect its ability to operate effectively and provide hot water and heating safely.
E 128 Error Code Causes

Gas Supply Problems: An interrupted or inadequate gas pressure may not allow the burner to ignite or maintain a flame.

Damaged Ignition Electrodes: The ignition electrodes are worn out or positioned wrongly resulting in no ignition of the gas mixture.

Blocked Burner or Injectors: The presence of dirt, debris, corrosion in the burner/injectors can inhibit gas flow and flame stability.

Obstructions in Flue or Air Intake: Blockages within flue/air intake system that limit airflow needed for combustion process.

Faulty Flame Sensor: The sensor detects if there is a flame; once impaired it may not identify such occurring leading to shutting down.

Solving E128 Error Code Issues

Examine Gas Supply: Ensure you turn on the gas supply valve fully and check other gas appliances at home to confirm that there is no wider supply issue. When the gas pressure seems low, contact your supplier about it.

Check Ignition Electrodes: It’s possible to find signs of wear, damage, or misalignment on the ignition electrodes. This requires professional replacement or repositioning of electrodes.

Clean Burner & Injector Or Replace Them If Necessary: Registered engineers certified by Gas Safety can clean blocked burners replace injectors in order to avoid improper gas flow and starting up issues respectively.

Ensure Clear Flue & Air Intake System: You should look through air intake system and flue for any blockage. Careful removal might also require calling an expert for assistance as well .

Substitute Faulty Flame Sensor with a Good One: In case one suspects malfunctioning then they have qualified technician who will replace it so as ensure correct recognition of flames.

Reboot Boiler: After tackling the possible issues, reset your boiler to see whether it will begin operating normally. Some temporary faults can be cleared by resetting.

Professional Assistance: In order to have an all-round inspection and fixing of flame failure issues, it is important that Gas Safe registered engineer is consulted.


The Baxi E128 error code implies a threat whose rectification cannot wait and it’s aimed at making sure your heating system is safe and effective. While simple checks may be done by homeowners solving the underlying cause of flame failure usually requires professional assistance. Regular maintenance and servicing can help avoid such problems by ensuring that the boiler is in good condition including all its components.