Baxi E168 Fault

Baxi E168 Fault

The Baxi E168 error is an indication that the boiler has a general electrical problem. This code is somehow vague and can refer to various electricity related problems, from temporary malfunctions due to external factors, to more serious internal failures. Mostly, this fault comes as a result of inconsistency in power supply or boiler’s (internal) circuitry issues.
Causes of the E168 Error Code

Power Surges: This defect may be triggered off by unexpected increase in electric consumption at home

Boiler Overload: This happens when too much electricity is passed into the system causing it to trip for safety reasons thus showing E168 error.

Defective Printed Circuit Board (PCB): The PCB forms the core of the boiler control system. As a result of any damage or fault on it, multiple electrical faults including an E168 error will occur.

Loose or Damaged Wiring: Electric faults can be occasioned by time-spent wiring inside the boiler becoming loose or damaged.

External Controls and Sensors: Other electric faults which may result in the E168 alarm come from outside sources such as controls found outside connected with your heating machine and sensors attached to your heat pumps.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the E168 Error Code

Check Power Supply: Check if there are any problems with your home’s power supply like tripped circuit breakers that affect your boiler.

Restart Your Boiler: Sometimes rebooting your boiler helps in sorting out this. To know how you can restart it again refer to your manual.

Look for Visible Damage: Without harm check for visible signs of wiring impairments or damages on boards, do not try repairing them if you are not qualified enough.

Check External Controls and Sensors: Ensure that external controls working properly are correctly fitted into place where they should be located at regarding their source/destination point-BOILER?

Call in a Professional Gas Engineer: It is recommended that you seek assistance from a certified technician specialized in electric breakdowns. They will assess the E168 problem and provide repair services where needed.

Keep it up: The best way to avoid future electrical faults is always to have your boiler checked by a qualified engineer. This will enable you identify minor problems that could be well addressed before they become complicated and cost more money for repairs.


The Baxi E168 error code mainly denotes a general electrical fault which may occur due to a number of things. While small checks like resets can be performed by an individual, bigger tasks like fixing electrical errors often require skilled men. To ensure long term reliability and safety of your boiler, regular servicing and maintenance are absolutely necessary.