Bosch GB162

Bosch GB162

Bosch Commercial and Industrial has recently upgraded its GB162 light commercial gas boiler, rendering it an even more attractive proposition for those in need of efficient heating solutions. The GB162 is now available in outputs of 50kW, 65kW, 85kW and 100kW to suit a wide range of building applications. It employs an innovative cascade design that permits boilers to be put into or out of service according to the demand of heat up to large heat demand of 1.6MW thus ensuring efficient load matching. The presence of over-pressure flues also represents a significant improvement by simplifying installation into existing chimneys.
Improvements and Features:Overpressure Flues: They allow reduced installation heights as well as greater flexibility hence making the GB162 suitable for retrofitting in buildings with tight chimneys or plant rooms with low roofs and limited space. For example, each flue incorporates one flow gas non-return valve which eliminates the need for a big cascade flue header and prevents gases from cascaded boilers that are not firing going back into them thereby reducing installation costs and allowing smaller flue diameters.

Advanced Commissioning and Servicing: An improved syphon with threaded connection ensuring a secure fit guarantees peace of mind for the commissioning engineer when fitting this new model GB162. Furthermore, there is a 360° insulation reduces thermal loss along with energy consumption. A single sided removable cover also increases access to internal components within tighter spaces thus aiding servicing, maintenance etc.

New Pump Group: This includes a new pump group whose features include lower hydraulic resistance combined with higher residual pump head among others. This feature is particularly useful where there is only one boiler with one heating circuit since it lowers both installation expenses & energy bills by getting rid of an external system pump.

Control 8000 Compatibility: The Control 8000 commercial boiler control will work perfectly fine with GB162 so as to facilitate easy and remote control of heating systems. This compatibility enhances operational convenience and efficiency, allowing for easy management of the heating system.

These improvements to the GB162 light commercial gas boiler exemplify Bosch Commercial and Industrial’s commitment to provide innovative, efficient, flexible heating solutions. By dealing with installation, servicing as well as operational requirements, the GB162 outshines any other preference in most types of commercial heating applications as it can be used in various scenarios.