Bosch GB162

Bosch GB162

Bosch Commercial and Industrial has recently enhanced its GB162 light commercial gas boiler, making it an even more attractive option for those seeking efficient heating solutions. Now available in outputs of 50kW, 65kW, 85kW, and 100kW, the GB162 caters to a broad range of heating requirements. Its innovative cascade design allows for large heat demands of up to 1.6MW, with boilers coming into and out of operation as needed to ensure efficient load matching. The introduction of overpressure flues marks a significant improvement, facilitating simpler installation into existing chimneys.

Enhancements and Features:

Overpressure Flues: These allow for a reduced installation height and greater flexibility, making the GB162 ideal for retrofitting in buildings with narrow chimneys or in plant rooms with low ceilings and limited space. The inclusion of a flue gas non-return valve in each flue eliminates the need for a large cascade flue header and prevents flue gases from re-entering non-firing cascaded boilers, leading to lower installation costs and smaller flue diameters.

Advanced Commissioning and Servicing: The new GB162 model boasts an improved syphon with a threaded connection, ensuring a secure fit and offering peace of mind to the commissioning engineer. Additionally, 360° insulation reduces heat loss and energy consumption. A single-sided removable cover enhances access to internal components, simplifying servicing and maintenance, especially in tight spaces.

New Pump Group: The inclusion of a new pump group combines lower hydraulic resistance with more residual pump head. This feature is particularly beneficial for installations with single boilers and single heating circuits, as it reduces both installation costs and energy bills by eliminating the need for an external system pump.

Control 8000 Compatibility: The GB162 is compatible with the Control 8000 commercial boiler control, enabling straightforward and remote control of the heating system. This compatibility enhances operational convenience and efficiency, allowing for easy management of the heating system.

These enhancements to the GB162 light commercial gas boiler underscore Bosch Commercial and Industrial’s commitment to providing innovative, efficient, and flexible heating solutions. By addressing installation, servicing, and operational needs, the GB162 stands out as a superior choice for a wide range of commercial heating applications.