Energy efficiency variances between panel & convector radiators

Energy efficiency variances between panel & convector radiators

For many years, radiators weren’t hugely considered as a design item in the home, and rather just a necessity. However, in more recent years, radiators have started to have a more design conscious look and homeowners have started to seek alternative designs to suit the style of their home.

There are now multiple radiator designs that you can choose from, they don’t just look different, but work differently too, so it is important to consider all the options before you make an informed choice.

The underlying engineering of convector radiators means that they work in a different way to traditional radiators. Instead of running the hot water down through a variety of components, convector radiators circulate the hot water through a tube surrounded by fins. It is these fins that help increase the surface area of which the radiator has contact with the air, and can result in heating a room up faster.

Not only can the convector radiators heat a room quicker, they can be safer for the home as they have a lower touch temperature due to the materials and technology used. Meaning they can be safer in environments for children who may touch by accident.

Although the convector radiators may be slightly more energy efficient as they can heat a room quicker, they do have a shorter life span so you may find you have to use the money you save on energy towards renewing your radiators more frequently.

An important consideration if you are thinking about installing new radiators, is to consider the boiler that you use to run them. If you have a new condensing boiler, it may be too powerful for older radiators. If you prefer the older style, try and install larger radiators that may be able to cope better, but always discuss this with your boiler engineer first.

Overall there is no clear winner when it comes to energy efficiency, although convectors can heat quicker, they may not keep the room as warm for as long and may need replacing more frequently than normal radiators. As mentioned previously, you also need to consider the boiler you use to ensure it’s the right fit for your radiator choice. If you need any help in making that choice, get in touch with us at Allstar Systems (Norwich) Ltd and we can talk you through the different options.