Ideal Evomax

Ideal Evomax

The Ideal Evomax is a reliable and efficient wall hung boiler that demonstrates its excellence through the design, component selection and intensive testing which facilitate easy commissioning and servicing. These properties make it easier to site in a range of environments.
The Evomax is a room-sealed, condensing boiler that is mounted on the wall. It has full sequence automatic spark ignition and fan assisted combustion with high efficiency such that condensate is drained away through a plastic waste pipe from the flue gases. Additionally, an effluent called ‘plume’ can be seen at the flue terminal when it operates efficiently.

Features & Benefits:

Wide Range of Outputs: The Evomax provides output capabilities ranging between 30 kW and 150 kW for numerous installation requirements while LPG options are available with outputs of up to 80 kW for off-mains installations only.

Versatile Installation: The light weight construction allows for either wall or prefabricated floor mounting. Optional frame and header kits provide in-line and back-to-back cascade options for up to 6 boilers, supporting combined capacities of up to 600kW. This enables mounting boilers away from the wall for multiple installations delivering higher output.

Robust Heat Exchanger: The boiler has been fitted with a strong cast aluminium silicon alloy heat exchanger which gives it durability as well as improved performance.

High Turndown Ratio: This ensures flexibility in operation over changing demands as it has got high turndown ratio of about five to one (5:1).

Compact Design: Its uniform width and height simplify the siting process, making installation smoother.

User-Friendly Controls: A simple controls interface provided by this boiler comes with large backlit display screen that makes it very easy to operate.

High Efficiency Levels: It has part load efficiency up to 110% meaning it performs exceptionally well.

Low Emissions Rates: Natural gas models have NOx emissions lower than 40 mg/kWh (Class 5), which makes it the best environmentally friendly choice.

The Evomax range by Ideal is a sophisticated heating solution that combines high efficiency, ease of installation and versatility making it ideal for applications ranging from domestic to commercial use.