Latest MEES regulations from April – Landlords & Tenants

Latest MEES regulations from April – Landlords & Tenants

New regulations are now in force (from 1st April 2018) to make sure that landlords can no longer rent properties that don’t follow new energy saving rules. Any properties that are registered with F or G EPC grades wont be able to accept tenants and if you are a landlord you will need to take measures to reduce your properties energy waste levels.

If you are a landlord this is something you need to investigate asap, as there are now large fines in place (starting from £2000!) that could be issued if you do not comply with these new regulations.

As a landlord it is your responsibility to be aware of all of your properties’ EPC ratings, and if any are F or G, you will need to ensure you are acting on these immediately. It has also been warned that if you have a property that was previously rated E, there is a risk that could be lowered due to the new EPC surveys that are now in place.

For tenants this should be really good news, as, although there may be some disruption to your home whilst your landlord installs new boilers or services to help lower their EPC rating, once it has been completed, it should reduce your energy bills due to the fact your home will be more energy efficient.

There are usually some exceptions, this could include some listed buildings, so you do need to check if the new regulations apply to your property.

Landlords may initially be disgruntled by the new regulations as it does involve some potentially expensive work that needs to done, however, it should make your property easier to rent out in the future. It will potentially attract more energy conscious tenants and tenants will also know that their energy bills should be more affordable with a lower EPC rated home.

Like with any new regulations, it can feel like a big upheaval, however, if you do your research fully and ensure you understand the requirements and steps that you will need to take, it can be a simple process. It’s much better to be safe than sorry and ensure you adhere to these new regulations as soon as possible to avoid any unwelcome fines.

If you need help installing a new boiler or advice on installing a better graded EPC boiler, get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help.