Legionnaires disease in Water Systems

Legionnaires disease in Water Systems

How to Manage Legionnaires disease in Water Systems?

Legionnaires’ disease is caused by Legionella bacteria that are commonly found in the water we consume. The bacteria tend to grow when essential nutrients are available and temperature is regulated between 20-45°C. On the contrary, bacteria do not survive if the temperature exceeds 60°C or it tends to get dormant in temperature below 20°C. Primarily, Legionnaires’ disease is a type of pneumonia that can be extremely detrimental to the human health causing mortality. It is contracted by inhaling the water droplets that contain potential Legionella bacteria. These water droplets can be produced by atomisers, hot and cold water systems, hydrotherapy baths, wet air conditioning plants, or the bacteria in bathrooms, etc. While all human beings can develop Legionnaires’ disease, but smokers, elderly, cancer, diabetes or cardiac patients are at a higher risk.

How to Prevent Legionnaires’ disease?
Many health care professionals and social service providers suggest households in Norfolk and Norwich to opt for a full risk assessment of their hot and cold water systems. Having a reputable heating and plumbing service like All Star Systems will help in taking adequate measures to eliminate the bacteria for improved health. A professional heating service provider will make use of temperature control to manage the risk of Legionella. The water services need to be regulated and operated at ideal temperature to inhibit the growth of Legionella bacteria.

  • The hot water storage cylinders also known as calorifiers should store the water at a temperature higher than 60°C.
  • The hot water needs to be distributed at 50°C or higher temperature. The experts at All Star Systems can fit the thermostatic mixer valves close to the outlet where a risk is identified in Norfolk and Norwich.
  • The cold water in the system needs to be stored and distributed at a temperature that is below 20°C.

The professionals at All Star Systems will conduct routine check-ups, inspect the system and clean it on regular intervals to ensure a bacteria free water system. The heating system professionals will identify a sentinel outlet that is either further or close to the cylinder or task. The distribution temperature will then be checked on a monthly basis for optimum performance. Moreover, households should ensure the inspection and monitoring of the hot water storage cylinder temperature each month, while the cold water tank can be monitored within a time span of six months.

If water is kept stagnant for a long duration it becomes ideal for the Legionella bacteria to grow. To minimise risk, households should opt for a professional heating and plumbing service to remove the dead legs and dead ends in pipelines, flush out the water outlets, clean the hoses and shower heads for optimal performance. While cold water cisterns need to be cleaned on periodic intervals, hot water needs to be drained from the cylinder to check if there is any probability of corrosion or debris.

At All Star Systems, we design water systems that minimise the growth of Legionella bacteria by:

  • Efficiently insulating the tanks and pipes.
  • Keeping the pipe work short and direct.
  • Using those material that restrict the growth of the bacteria.
  • Minimising the chances of contamination by fitting the tanks with insect screens and lids.

To ensure that Legionella bacteria do not spread, water samples need to be tested on regular intervals. The bacteria count should be under the acceptable level. Moreover, tests need to be conducted on regular intervals to gauge the intensity of the risks. Apart from this, there are other preventive measures that include biocide treatment and silver and copper ionisation. To ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, risk assessment will be done on regular intervals which will include the monitoring, installation and maintenance related activities.

Why Choose A Professional Service?
A professional heating and plumbing service will help you in reducing the chances of Legionnaires’ disease. Professional service specialising in heating and plumbing such as All Star System ensure that the water is stored at an optimal temperature to inhibit the growth of bacteria. By scheduling regular assessments, the chances of you and your loved ones developing Legionnaire’ disease minimise considerably.