A Comprehensive Guide for Heating Systems

Heating control systems have become increasingly popular in a short span of time offering greater comfort for households in Norfolk and Norwich. Such systems are ideal for regulating temperatures of commercial and domestic households. Most systems have now become automated with the ability to manage the heating as per the predefined settings to ensure comfort. Initially, a conventional timer based heating system was used in the United Kingdom. However, with technology becoming sophisticated heating systems have evolved to a [...]


Legionnaires disease in Water Systems

How to Manage Legionnaires disease in Water Systems? Legionnaires’ disease is caused by Legionella bacteria that are commonly found in the water we consume. The bacteria tend to grow when essential nutrients are available and temperature is regulated between 20-45°C. On the contrary, bacteria do not survive if the temperature exceeds 60°C or it tends to get dormant in temperature below 20°C. Primarily, Legionnaires’ disease is a type of pneumonia that can be extremely detrimental to the human health causing [...]


The Benefits of Power Flushing

The Benefits of Power Flushing The central heating system in your household deserves care and regular maintenance. Through power flushing, individuals can clean various contaminants such as sludge and rust. Those domestic establishments that do not clean their heating systems on regular intervals hamper the efficiency of their systems. Furthermore, if your boiler or pump is making noises then power flushing your heating system can eliminate that problem. In the United Kingdom, as per the building regulations all property owners are [...]

Water Softener

The Need for Water Softeners

Soft Water: The Need for Water Softeners A water softener is an agent that softens the water by eliminating all the hazardous minerals that can make water hard. Primarily, water that comprises of a high amount of magnesium or calcium is referred to as hard water. Hard water can be a source of multiple problems in your household. Hard water makes it difficult to dissolve soap or detergent in water and leaves water spots. The organic acid found in soaps [...]


Condensing Boilers: A Viable Investment

Condensing Boilers: A Viable Investment In a recent update, households have to comply with the Worldwide Energy Regulations for the optimum use of technologies and resources. In this regard, the condensing boilers condense the water vapour becoming one of the most innovative and readily used technologies in heating. Such boilers have a considerably high efficiency rate making them a viable investment. At All Star Systems, a team of professionals offer boiler installation, and repair, and maintenance services in Norfolk and [...]