Potterton E133 Fault

Potterton E133 Fault

The Potterton E133 error code means that there is an issue with the boiler’s ignition process or gas supply. This malfunction occurs when positioning tries to light up the boiler but cannot do so probably, because of lack of gas or interruption of the lighting process. It should be taken seriously as it directly affects the ability of a system to dispense hot water and heating services.
Reason for Potterton E133 Error Code

Gas Supply Problems: Presence of either low pressure in the line or completely off main gas valve can cause such faults in boilers.

Ignition Fault: Disruption in this phase may result from several defects related to a boiler’s ignition covering faulty leads and electrodes

Blocked Gas Valve or Defective Valve: The rate at which gas flows to a burner might be affected if valves get blocked or fail to function properly.

Flue Blockage And Air Intake Problems: Conditions like air intake blockages and flue blockages can also deter successful ignition from taking place.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the Potterton E133 Error Code

Check Gas Supply: Ensure that there is gas coming into your home and that gas supply is fully turned on. See if other appliances using gas operate correctly.

Inspection Ignition Components: Damaged or worn out leads as well as igniting electrodes are things one need to look out for. Replacing such parts could solve the problem.

Inspecting Gas Valve – A technician should open it up so that they verify that it opens properly thereby allowing the fuel to burn within its internal section

Clearing Exhaust Flue And Air Intakes – Make sure that nothing blocks your system inviting combustion air into it, including air intakes plus exhaust flues.

Resetting Of The Boiler – Once you have done these diagnostics, reset your boiler just to find out whether it can ignite after all this; but some boilers will require resetting instructions found on manufacturers’ guidelines.

Consult Professionals In Case Of Difficulties: In the event that error E133 persists, or you are unable to recognise the root cause, it is recommended that you get in touch with a Gas Safe registered engineer. To troubleshoot ignition and gas supply problems safely, they tend to be quite complicated and require expert knowledge.


The Potterton E133 error code means that there is something wrong with the boiler’s ignition mechanism or gas supply which needs to be fixed for it to operate again. Although some simple checks can be done at home, fixing an ignition failure means getting professional assistance. This will help avoid such issues through ensuring regular visits by qualified engineers who will check if the machine itself plus other parts of it are functioning properly.