Potterton E133 Fault

Potterton E133 Fault

The Potterton E133 error code signifies a problem with the boiler’s ignition or gas supply. This fault occurs when the boiler attempts to ignite but fails, possibly due to no gas being available or the ignition process being disrupted. It’s a critical issue because it directly affects the boiler’s ability to provide heating and hot water.

Causes of Potterton E133 Error Code

  1. Gas Supply Issues: Interruptions in the gas supply, such as the main gas valve being turned off or low gas pressure in the line, can prevent the boiler from igniting.
  2. Ignition Failure: Problems with the boiler’s ignition system, including faulty ignition electrodes or leads, can disrupt the ignition process.
  3. Blocked or Faulty Gas Valve: A gas valve that is blocked or not functioning properly can restrict the flow of gas to the burner.
  4. Flue or Air Supply Blockages: Obstructions in the flue or issues with the air supply needed for combustion can also cause ignition failures.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the Potterton E133 Error Code

  1. Check the Gas Supply: Ensure the gas supply to the property is active and that the main gas valve is fully open. Check other gas appliances to see if they are operating normally.
  2. Inspect the Ignition Components: Look for signs of wear or damage to the ignition electrodes and leads. Replacing faulty components may resolve the issue.
  3. Examine the Gas Valve: The gas valve should be checked by a professional to ensure it is opening correctly and allowing gas to flow to the burner.
  4. Clear Flue and Air Intakes: Make sure the flue and any air intakes are free from blockages that could affect the boiler’s ability to ignite.
  5. Reset the Boiler: After addressing potential causes, try resetting the boiler to see if it can ignite successfully. Some boilers have a specific reset procedure, which should be followed as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Professional Assistance: If the E133 error persists or you’re unable to identify the cause, it’s advisable to contact a Gas Safe registered engineer. Ignition and gas supply issues can be complex and require professional expertise to diagnose and repair safely.


The Potterton E133 error code is a clear indication of an ignition or gas supply problem that needs to be addressed to restore the boiler’s functionality. While some preliminary checks can be performed by the homeowner, resolving the underlying cause of an ignition fault often necessitates professional intervention. Regular servicing by a qualified technician can help prevent such issues by ensuring the boiler and its components are in good working order.