Potterton E160 Fault

Potterton E160 Fault

The Potterton E160 error code indicates a fan fault within the boiler system. The fan is an essential component that ensures safe operation by venting harmful combustion gases outside the property and drawing in air for the combustion process. A fault with the fan can lead to operational issues, including safety risks due to improper venting of exhaust gases.

Causes of Potterton E160 Error Code

  1. Faulty Fan: The fan itself may be malfunctioning due to wear, damage, or electrical issues, preventing it from operating correctly.
  2. Blocked or Restricted Airflow: Obstructions in the airways, flue, or external vents can restrict airflow, affecting the fan’s performance.
  3. Electrical Connection Issues: Problems with the electrical connections to the fan, such as loose wires or faults in the circuit, can lead to operational failures.
  4. Control Board Problems: The boiler’s control board regulates the fan operation. A fault in the control board can lead to incorrect fan operation.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the Potterton E160 Error Code

  1. Inspect for Obstructions: Check the flue and air intake for any visible blockages that could be restricting airflow. Remove any obstructions found, if safely possible.
  2. Listen to the Fan: When attempting to start the boiler, listen for the fan. A silent fan could indicate a power supply issue, while unusual noises might suggest mechanical faults.
  3. Check Electrical Connections: Ensure all electrical connections to the fan are secure. However, electrical diagnostics and repairs should be carried out by a professional.
  4. Reset the Boiler: After checking for obstructions and ensuring connections are secure, try resetting the boiler to see if the error clears. This can sometimes resolve temporary glitches.
  5. Professional Diagnosis and Repair: Given the critical role of the fan in boiler operation and the potential complexity of the fault, it’s advisable to consult a Gas Safe registered engineer. A professional can accurately diagnose the issue, whether it’s with the fan, electrical connections, or control board, and carry out necessary repairs or replacements.
  6. Regular Maintenance: To prevent future occurrences of the E160 error and other operational faults, ensure your boiler receives regular professional maintenance. Routine checks can identify and address potential issues with the fan, electrical connections, and airflow before they lead to faults.


The Potterton E160 fan fault error code signifies a problem that requires immediate attention to ensure the boiler’s safe and efficient operation. While homeowners can perform basic inspections and a reset, diagnosing and repairing fan-related issues typically requires the expertise of a Gas Safe registered engineer. Regular servicing can help maintain the fan and other boiler components in good working order, preventing future faults.