Potterton E28 Fault

Potterton E28 Fault

Error code E28 in Potterton denotes an issue of flue thermistor. They ensure that the boiler vents gases safely and efficiently, by looking at exhaust gas temperatures. A faulty flue thermistor can affect how safely the boiler is able to vent out exhaust gases and can lead to operational problems.
Potterton E28 Error Code Causes

Flue Thermistor Malfunction: This may occur if it has been damaged or fails to accurately monitor the temperature of the flue gasses.

Wiring Problems: The transmission of temperature data through wiring connections from the flue thermistor to the boiler’s control board may be interrupted culminating into fault readings.

Any Obstruction from Flue System: When a faulty thermistor reads a blockage, this will affect any discharge fuel gas temperatures.

Wrong Installation: It is not always precise when measuring temperature since it might be displaced or incorrectly placed while trying to take measure of high temperature.

Resolving Potterton E28 Error Code through Troubleshooting

Inspect Flue Thermistor: Check for signs of visible damage on your flue thermistor and replace it if found faulty.

Check Wiring and Connections: Ensure that you have properly connected all electrical conductors linking your flue thermistor with Boiler Control Board. In case some wires are broken down, repair them or alternatively buy new ones from manufacturer’s office.

Clear the Flue Blockages: If there are any obstructions within the furnace ducts which would hinder proper ventilation of combustion products as required, this should be checked.

Confirm Thermistor Placement: You should ascertain whether you have fixed your flue thermostat correctly as per these guidelines provided by its producer; otherwise consult an expert so that he/she may confirm it for you.

Reset the Boiler: Carry out resetting procedure after fixing errors emanating from flu trap as well as those around it then check if error codes disappear returning to normal mode again.

Professional Assistance Search for help from a trained technician who has been authorized to deal with Gas. The condition can be diagnosed accurately by these experts and if it is necessary, they will change the flue thermistor as well.

Routine Check-up: In order to avoid subsequent issues like E28 error, boiler and flue system should be maintained regularly through seeking professional services. This will help in detecting and solving any potential problems before becoming major pitfalls.


E28 fault code means that there is a problem with the flue thermistor which requires an immediate attention to ensure safe and efficient operation of the boiler. While some preliminary checks can be performed by the homeowner, resolving issues related to the flue thermistor often necessitates professional intervention. Regular servicing and maintenance can help maintain optimal boiler performance and prevent similar faults.