Smart Heating Controller

Smart Heating Controller

There have been numerous different advancements when it comes to thermostats. Gone are the days when coil and mercury switches used to rule the market. Programmable and digital thermostats, too, have lost their glam vibe as the newer, highly innovative, Smart Heating Controller takes over. There are two different kinds of technologies available in Smart Heating Controller.

1. Geo location Fencing

Geo location fencing makes use of the cell phone’s location in order to adjust the temperature in your office or house. When the cellphone leaves the specific area, the thermostat automatically switches to the preset temperature, and when the phone is within a few miles of the location, the thermostat begins to heat or cool the house according to your comfort level.

2. Algorithm Software

The algorithm software learns your specific behavior over the course of some weeks and adjusts automatically to the temperatures you desire, whenever there is most likely to be around the house or office.
Before you begin to judge the pros and cons of getting a Smart Heating Controller installed in your house or office, here are a few things which you should consider:

1. Some Smart Heating Controllers might need professional installation.

2. Houses with an air-conditioner and furnace may require a sophisticated set-up along with compatibility between the set-up and the Smart Heating Controller.

3. Location of the Smart Heating Controller is very important. If it is placed in the hallway, it is only going to register the temperature within that small space. When placed right next to an electrical or fire burning heating location, the performance will also be affected.

4. How long are you planning to stay in the house? If you plan to move out soon, installing a Smart Heating Controller might not be a good idea.

Advantages of Installing a Smart Heating Controller, Multiple Settings Available

Smart Heating Controllers programmed with numerous settings. Irrespective of where you are, you will be able to program the thermostat to turn on the heat or air-conditioning, an hour before you come back home or adjust the temperature during the day. You can control the temperature in separate rooms with the zoning feature, and program to regulate it based on conditions, such as high humidity. Lowering the heat or even turning up the air conditioning when you are not at home or work preserves energy, which of course also lowers your expenses Saves Energy.

Smart Heating Controller, when programmed and employed properly for the room, lower the energy consumption. Saving this energy means consumers cut down carbon emissions and also leave a lighter carbon footprint. The Smart Heating Controller minimises temperature fluctuations by cutting on or off closer to the preferred temperature than manual thermostats.

Informs You of Maintenance Needs

A Smart Heating Controller is going to alert you when it is time to change the smoke filter in your air-conditioner as well as the furnace. Finding out when the last maintenance was carried out is as easy as simply pushing a button to get all the information. You can choose whether to receive a text, a call or an email or have the thermostat beep on its own when it is time to perform preemptive maintenance or call a professional technician. No more worries about expensive repairs if you forget to change the filter.

Disadvantages of Installing a Smart Heating Controller

Complex Programming

The software, in addition to touch screen display panel, can be very tricky to learn. If you are not into going through a manual to learn about all the various different buttons as well as software, then using a Smart Heating Controller might not be right for you. If the Smart Heating Controller system is not mounted and set up properly, you might not see any savings. Check with an expert first, estimate all your cost along with savings, and research well about all the different options you have. Smart thermostats are more luxurious than manual thermostats, and most units need professional installation.