Ways to Save Water on Plumbing Systems

Ways to Save Water on Plumbing Systems

Water consumption is a major area of concern for people living in Norwich and Norfolk. Saving water will not only help in reducing your energy bills, but will allow you to contribute towards the well being of the community.
A large sum of the water cost is linked to the maintenance of the water system. Therefore, if the local infrastructure is updated, your water bill is likely to surge. Furthermore, another important reason for a hike in water costs that often goes neglected is inefficient plumbing practices.
Many times, people of Norwich and Norfolk are not informed about efficient plumbing practices that can conserve water. Therefore, AllStar Systems consider it their responsibility to shed awareness on the different techniques and practices that can help in saving water.

Here are a few ways through which you can save water and energy:

• Low Flush Toilet Siphons
A low flush toilet siphon is designed to ensure water conservation. The system has similar flushing power in comparison to a normal flush system, but it has the ability to consume 50% less water than its counterpart.
Since the water consumption tends to get reduced by almost half, the water bills can go down considerably for the year. Furthermore, since less water is used it also complies with a greener and eco-friendly environment approach.

• Dual Flush Toilets
Dual flush toilets are another breakthrough in plumbing which can save almost 70% more water, in contrast to low-flow toilet. In order to understand how dual flush toilets work, it is important to learn how water helps in removing the waste present in the bowl of the pot, along with the amount of water required for optimal cleaning.
There are two primary features that make the dual flush toilets extremely efficient. In terms of water conservation, it has a wash down flushing design along with a large trap way. The wash down flushing helps in pushing the waste down the drainage system. Further, the large trap way makes it easier for the waste to leave the bowl without consuming a lot of water.
Furthermore, the users of dual flush toilets in Norfolk and Norwich can also choose between a full flush and a half flush. This can be governed by the push of a button. Therefore, making the dual flush toilet extremely environment and water efficient.

• Insulating Pipes
By adding insulation to your pipes, water will take less time to heat up. This essentially means that the tap or shower will run for a shorter time, since the waiting time required to make it warm will go down significantly. Try getting those pipes insulated that are placed adjacent to an external wall. Such pipes require insulation the most.

• Install Reduced Flow Shower Heads
Many times people do not realise that it is their old shower head causing all the menace. Therefore, switching to low flow variant can help in minimising the friction. This way, users have observed that the water stream becomes extremely effective, and the water consumption goes down significantly. Similarly, you can replace normal faucets with faucet aerators for improved performance.

• Get Your Sprinkler System Adjusted
Do you use a sprinkler to water the driveway or garden? If yes, try adjusting the head in a manner that the water flows on the grass. Moreover, many people excessively water their lawns, so it is wise to not waste your resources by oversoaking the land.

• Look Out For Silent Leaks
It is estimated that silent leaks can waste gallons of water each day. Moreover, it is not easy to detect the area from which the water leak is taking place. Hiring a professional plumbing service can overcome the hassle and ensure that the system is functioning at its maximum ability. Furthermore, such a professional will also diagnose and mend other issues that are identified during the diagnosis.

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