What is a Worcester Accredited Installer?

What is a Worcester Accredited Installer?

Worcester Accredited Installers, or WAI’s for short, are engineers who have passed accreditation to be able to install a range of Worcester products including boilers, solar water heating systems, heat pumps and underfloor heating.

By choosing a WAI means that your products will be installed to the highest standards and ensure that they will carry the Worcester guarantees and warranties.

Our team of fully trained engineers can offer the below:

  • Free, no-obligation quotes
  • Extended guarantees up to 10 years exclusive*
  • Friendly help and advice for your specific needs
  • New installations, servicing and repair work
  • Peace of mind with Gas Safe registration

Not only that, but we pride ourselves on our friendly and motivational staff who will always provide you with excellent service and a welcoming approach. Contact us today.

What is the process of how Worcester, Bosch Group offer accreditation to installers and what does it mean to customers?

Worcester have identified a way in which to provide additional peace of mind and trust for their customers through the quality of their products and services. They do this by specially training specific engineers on their products to ensure that they are always installed and looked after correctly.

The training involves ensuring the engineers have all the required Gas Safe, OFTEC and/or MCS approval to warrant that they have the skills and knowledge to complete the training. Once that is confirmed, they are then asked to attend a range of Logic Certified training courses on Worcester products.

Once that is completed, Worcester also ensures that they continue to check that their engineers are up to date on the certificates and nothing is out of date.

Meaning customers have one less thing to worry about, however, it is still advised to do your own checks to be 100% sure. We also do underfloor heating!

By choosing a Worcester accredited installer, it means that the warranty on the products installed is increased. Worcester offers a 2-year guarantee as standard on all products, however, if installed by an accredited engineer, this increases up to a generous 10 years (product dependent). Read more about us.

Why do I need a Heating or Hot Water Installer?

We advise that you should always use a heating & hot water installer due to the complexity of heating systems. It also helps to speed up the job, by having someone who is a specialist in the area means that any problems can be quickly identified and resolved.

The level of complexity also means why most manufacturers like Worcester, Bosch Group only supply through trade merchants rather than directly to customers. This is to ensure that their products maintain a good reputation, not damaged by those who install them incorrectly or dangerously.