Worcester Bosch C6 Fault

Worcester Bosch C6 Fault

Usually, the Worcester Bosch C6 fault code shows that something is wrong with the fan speed. The expected range of theses fans’ speeds could be exceeded or not reached during its operations which involves heat generation and distribution. The importance of this fault comes from the role played by fans in safe combustion that removes all dangerous gases out of water boilers as well as sucking in fresh air for burning. Therefore, we are going to examine deeper what this fault means and how it can be fixed.
Causes of the C6 Fault Code

Problems with Fan Operation: The fan may have problems if it is not working at the required speed due to various factors including normal wear and tear, mechanical faults or blockages.

Electrical Faults: Electrical connectivity challenges or related parts like PCB (Printed Circuit Board) responsible for regulating fan speed may also lead to this code error.

Airflow Blockages: Any kind of obstruction in air flow e.g. a clogged flue system or blocked air intake will affect how a fan works hence cause C6 error.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the C6 Fault Code

Boiler Reset: Start by trying to reset your boiler in order to check if you can get rid of this problem because sometimes these issues can resolve themselves after a simple reset.

Fan Inspection: A technician needs to scrutinize visually noticeable indications associated with damaged parts or obstructions which are capable of affecting how a fun operates. This should only be done by trained people since they are aware about those critical sections found inside boilers.

Check Electric Connections: Ensure you connect securely your entire power connections from fans up towards PCB then do some visual inspection to look for any signs such as loose wires that may interfere with control settings for fans’ speeds.

Inspecting Flue and Air Intakes: You need to see whether there is anything stopping airflow through air intakes or flues. It could be removing these obstructions causing C6 to appear at times.

Professional Assessment: It is important to reach out for a Gas Safety registered engineer because the process of diagnosing and fixing problems associated with fans and their control systems is complex. Diagnosis of such issues may include the fan’s fault itself, PCB faults or related elements that should be done by any other person apart from these engineers.

Consider Component Replacement: Depending on what you find out, it may be necessary to replace the fan, PCB or related components in order to solve this C6 problem. Any replacements must meet recommendations of original manufacturer and must be fitted properly by experts for boilers’ safe and efficient operation.


The Worcester Bosch C6 fault code indicates that there is something wrong with the fan speed, which is crucial in keeping the boiler running safely. This kind of a case necessitates an intensive examination of fans, electric parts as well as flow parameters typically done by gas safety verified site engineer. Regular maintenance is intended to prevent such challenges arising through ensuring every part functions well while keeping everything clean through regular cleaning exercises.