Worcester Bosch Condens GC7000WP

Worcester Bosch Condens GC7000WP

The Worcester Condens 7000 WP, especially the GC7000WP series with capacities of 50 to 145kW, is a state-of-the-art condensing boiler solution for high output jobs. It is suitable for installation in large domestic buildings, multi-family housing and commercial premises. When combined with high-output heat pumps as part of a hybrid system it can also be used as an extremely versatile and flexible heating solution. These boilers are 20% hydrogen mix-ready, increasing their sustainability; they ordinarily run on natural gas which can be changed into a hydrogen blend of as much as twenty percent. This facilitates compatibility across various key fuels thanks to a conversion kit made available for LPG needs.
Key Features and Benefits:

Versatility and Compact Size: The range suits single or multiple cascade systems. In situations where space is at a premium, but high efficiency and output are mandatory, its compact design comes handy.

High Capacity Cascade Options: The utmost high capacity cascade option that the GC7000WP 50 model offers stands at six boilers that bring up to 299.4kW per bank while up to 16 boilers may be cascaded together using control strategies so as to provide an incredible amount of power – up to 0.8MW – sufficient for serious heat needs.

Efficient Modulation: Each boiler adjusts its output automatically according to the heat demand exactly thereby optimising fuel consumption and enhancing seasonal efficiency. Remarkably, models ranging between fifty and one hundred kilowatts boast modulation ratio of one is-to-five.

Installation Flexibility: The series’ compact dimensions relative lightness and modular design ensure that easy installability occurs even in tight access locations or limited spaces. Not just does this make it easier for technicians who will have their time divided between faster installation times but save on repairs too by simplifying servicing tasks.

Rapid Installation: A revolutionary frame kit design has cut down upon installation time by being up to 60% faster compared with its predecessor. Furthermore, this method of “build from the ground up” simplifies the process by minimizing the tools necessary for installation and making it easy for commissioning and maintenance work.

Advanced Control: The new touch screen display facilitates quicker commissioning and efficient fault finding. Its flexible control strategies can accommodate anything from Building Management Systems (BMS), MEC remote connection, standard interfaces or third party controls that allow seamless integration into existing setups.

Consultation and Support: Worcester offers free site visits and consultations for projects without obligation to help specify requirements as part of their dedication towards customer care.

The Worcester Condens 7000 WP is a great option if you want high efficiency, a compact design and flexible installation options ranging from 50kW to 145kW. It is also ready for hydrogen blend by 20 percent while being compatible with LPG through access to conversion kits.