Boiler Installations

With more than 15 years of experience in plumbing and heating services, All Star Systems offers top of the line boiler installation services in Norwich and Norfolk. With our extensive knowledge on various heating systems, we offer our clients best industry insights and consultancy to help them make an informed decision.

Our courteous, licensed and trained engineers are known for their craftsmanship. When a client approaches us, we spend time on understanding their requirements. We then suggest a system that guarantees optimal efficiency. Thereby, if you want to install a boiler in your house or office in Norwich or Norfolk, All Star Systems is your best bet.

At All Star Systems, we have collaborated with the best heating specialist to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. For all boiler installations, we make use of components from Worcester Bosch that is known for its quality heating system components. Before the installation of a new boiler we power flush the existing heating system as standard. This is prudent this is done because any contaminants in existing system can damage new boiler and potentially invalidate warranty.

We offer three kinds of boilers including combi boiler, regular boiler and system boiler for all your heating related needs.

Combi Boiler

At All Star Systems our team of professionals have expertise in the installation of different kinds of boilers. However, most households in Norwich and Norfolk consider a combi boiler to be a viable option. The boiler has the ability to offer heating to the radiators and a steady supply of hot water simultaneously.

We suggest all households with limited storage capacity to invest in a combi boiler as it does not require much space. The heating system does feature a water cylinder saving on additional space. Furthermore, with a combi boiler you don’t waste energy as the hot water is not stored in a tank.

In a combi boiler, cold water passes through the boilers where it heats up momentarily. The hot water is then delivered to the outlets. The hot water only heats up when a user opens the hot water tap. This way only the desired amount of water is heated conserving energy.

Regular Boiler

It is one of the conventional heating systems usually found in older properties. In case you require heating a cylinder or radiator, a regular boiler remains to be a popular choice of the masses. The system is ideal for sites having larger heating demands.

In the loft space, a hot water cylinder is fed by a cold water cistern. Furthermore, the system is also fed from feed and expansion tank which is also in the loft space. Although combi boilers remain to be a popular choice, regular boilers are still used to replace existing boilers without making major alterations to the heating system.

System Boiler

The system boiler is quite similar to the regular boiler with a few additional components installed. The primary components in a system boiler include a pressure relief, heating pump and expansion vessel within the boiler.

We have a team of gas safe registered engineers in Norwich who can help you evaluating the correct size of the boiler to be installed in the household. Furthermore, we also take your future plan into consideration and if you plan an expansion, we will assist you accordingly. This is increasingly important because it curbs the need of investing in a new boiler in the near future. All our professionals have in-depth knowledge and experience of working with Worcester Bosch boilers ensuring optimal performance.

All Star Systems is your ultimate choice for heating systems. Over the past decade, we have successfully built our reputation as the top plumbing and heating company in Norwich and Norfolk. With our courteous staff and efficient services, clients have observed a significant drop in their energy bills making their investment worthwhile.

We are a full service heating system company, where we have sufficient experience and knowledge about different boiler fuels. We deal in the following fuels:

· Oil


· Natural Gas

Our experts can install the fuel in your boiler ensuring steady performance. We adhere to the protocols of safety and compliance while filling fuel in your boiler.

We have thorough experience in boiler installation and make sure to offer you best value for money. If you are still confused, then opt for our free consultation session today. Our experts will discuss with you the pros and cons of your desired boiler to assist you in making an informed decision contact us. At All Star Systems, we give you the best advice and services at the best possible rates.