Boiler Servicing / Repairs

We hope that your boiler runs smoothly everyday as it can be a worry if it breaks down or becomes unreliable. However, as they are used more or less 24/7 sometimes they do need a bit of TLC and attention. It is important to keep on top of your boiler’s health as faulty boilers not only can cost you a lot of money in unnecessarily high energy bills, it can also be dangerous if your boiler starts to emit any unwanted gases and fumes.

All our customers within the Norfolk and Norwich areas are important to us and we endeavour to offer excellent boiler service & repair services to all. We offer competitive prices and a friendly service. If you have previously used us for a boiler installation , one of our engineers will check on you on regular intervals to ensure that you get maximum leverage from your investment. However, if you are a new client looking to sign up to a service plan or need unplanned repair, we can help there too.

If you live in Norwich or the wider Norfolk area we can offer you scheduling service appointments. If you join this scheme you will become part of our priority list which means we will play a more proactive role of informing you when checks need to be carried out so that you don’t have to worry. By planning ahead and scheduling a boiler service it can avoid any sudden boiler failures and potentially a more costly repair bill.

As we’re based in Norfolk ourselves we are aware of the cold weather snaps that this area can experience. Because of this we advise as many of our customers and potential customers as we can to sign up to boiler servicing to prevent any breakdowns during the coldest months. If you are concerned about the colder months and whether your boiler is up to scratch, get in touch today so we can advise you on the best next steps.

All boiler services involve our engineers examining the condition of your heating system and suggest you repair maintenance or a new installation accordingly. While we strive to upgrade and service your conventional boiler as much as possible, in some situations a repair or maintenance will not offer long-term sustainability. Therefore, in such a situation, we suggest a replacement rather than a service or repair.

We understand that heating your home can be expensive and so any additional costs are maintenance and repairs aren’t always ideal. Therefore, when a customer comes to us with a problematic boiler, we talk through the pros and cons, provide an estimate for the savings they will be made with our services to help you understand the bigger picture before any work is carried out. Our services are completely consumer centric ensuring maximum value for money.

If we are able to carry out a successful repair, we only use Worcester Bosch components. This is simply due to the supreme quality their components offer. We install, service and repair a wide range of A-list boilers by making use of modern technology and techniques for optimal efficiency.

Why choose us?

We are proud to offer friendly and professional heating services, but here are a few more reasons to help give you a better background of our expertise and services available.

* We use only the highest quality components and parts to ensure your boiler is well maintained.

* No hidden costs! We are honest and upfront with our customers, with a straight forward pricing policy. This allows customers to see for themselves what certain services will cost so that they can plan for them accordingly.

* Our prices are also competitive. We are aware that there are other companies in the Norfolk area, but we want customers to realise we always offer the best possible service as the best price.

* Our engineers are not only qualified and certified but have over a decade of experience which helps them identify problems quickly and resolve issues swiftly. Not only that, they are friendly and will always consult with our customers on the work involved and problems that their boiler might have to ensure that they are fully involved in the process.

If you are looking for premium boiler service or repair, then call us now and leverage from our premium services in Norfolk are. We will strive to offer you services that surpass excellence.