Gas Boilers


Natural Gas Boilers are one of the most commonly used across the UK to heat our homes and have also been recommended for use by our Norwich based gas engineers. With the numerous options available to choose from it is easy to get confused. To make this decision a lot less overwhelming here is the important 101 on Natural Gas Boilers.

How do Natural Gas Boilers Work?

Numerous homes and factories around the UK use Natural Gas Boilers to heat up their properties and central water supply. Natural Gas Boilers, just like all the other boilers which run on fuel, are one of the most important pieces of equipment in the central heating system. The main function of the natural gas boiler is to efficiently heat up the water in what is commonly known to be the ‘wet system,’ and then pump it via pipes and radiators throughout the entire property. When the boiler is switched on a continuous supply of natural gas through the main gas connection is used to feed the natural gas boiler. The boiler then pumps this heated water to the numerous different parts of the property or radiators to efficiently heat the rooms up. If conventional or system boilers are being used, hot water is also going to be transferred to the hot water tanks to be used later as required. Natural gas combi boilers are used to warm up water on demand and are sometimes preferred as they remove the requirement for a hot water tank.

What are the advantages of using Natural Gas Boilers?


There are various advantages to Natural Gas Boilers, such as:

  1. Easy and Simple To Maintain

Since natural gas boilers are the most commonly used boilers inthe UK they are comparatively very easy to maintain and can be replaced easily by any gas engineer,if this was required.

  1. Relatively More Efficient

Gas is known to be a more efficient and cheaper way to heat your home or property compared to other fuel types.

  1. Lower Expenses

When compared to the electric boilers, gas boilers are a much more affordable option to go for as it provides the same result with approximately 10% lesser costs.

  1. No Need For Storage

As the natural gas boilers make use of gas through the main gas connection there is no need for a separate gas storage unit, leaving you more space in your home or property for storage or other more desirable purposes.

What are the disadvantages of using Natural Gas Boilers?


There is always a flip side to the advantages and here we want to make you aware of some drawbacks, so you have the full picture:

  1. Volatile Prices

Even though right now gas prices are lower than the electricity prices they can sometimes increase without prior warning to due demand.

  1. Installation Problems

Without a proper gas connection available it may require a considerable amount of both time and money to get the boiler installed.

  1. Regular Maintenance Required

Natural Gas boilers require regular maintenance to prevent them from producing harmful gases which could be very dangerous.

What are the running expenses of using Natural Gas Boilers?


There is not a simple answer to this question as there are many factors which will influence the running price of your boiler outlined below:

  1. Weather Conditions
  2. The age of the system
  3. Efficiency of your home insulation
  4. The energy and water demand of your house

However, even considering the above, the cost of using a natural gas boiler is around 4.5p/kWh,compared to an electricity boiler which is 16p/kWh, so is still a considerably cheaper option.

Find the Natural Gas Boiler which best matches all your needs and requirements

Natural Gas boilers are a relatively low cost and are an efficient way to heat your property. However, despite the fact it may appear to be the best choice available, you will still have to make numerous choices based on the brand, model, as well as type. To help make this decision easier, AllStar Systems has some of the best gas engineers in Norwich available to guide you. You can contact us anytime for assistance regarding choosing the best natural gas boiler.