Ideal Logic ESP1 26kW

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Ideal Logic ESP1 26kW

High-End, Powerful boiler for 3 Bed / 1 bath homes and mid-sized properties.

Key Features:

  • ErP Class A
  • High DHW efficiency, reducing running costs
  • Designed for ultimate compactness
  • Combination boiler that provides instant heat and water
  • Low components = Maximum reliability
  • Pre-heating functions
  • Built-in pipework
  • Less waste produced
  • Built-in frost protection
  • Newly designed, large backlit display
  • Quick and easy installation

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The Ideal Logic Code 26kW ESP1 is the latest range of combination boiler from manufacturer Ideal. If you’re a homeowner or landlord with a medium sized property, the Logic Code 26kW is the perfect boiler.

Ideal have designed this particular boiler to reduce waste and maintain a compact size for installation. It proudly boasts a high DHW efficiency rating, which means it reduces the running costs compared to standard boilers.

Allstar Systems can install the Logic Code ESP1 26kW combination boiler in your property today. It has a refined appearance given its expert design from Ideal, it’s a long-lasting, reliable boiler.

Manufacturer: Ideal

Product Number: 161130

Warranty: 5 Years (Subject to T&Cs)

Model: Gas Boiler

Type: Combi Boiler

Boiler Height: 83cm

Boiler Width: 39.5cm

Boiler Depth: 27.8cm

Boiler CH Output (Kw): 26

Domestic Hot Water Flow: 10.7L

ErP Hot Water Rating: A

ErP Heating Rating: A

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