Types Of Boilers

If you are considering a new boiler installation we are here to help. There are several types of boilers you can choose from to install into your home, all that serve different purposes and suit different types of homes. The team here at Allstar Systems can help talk you through the different boiler types and advise you on what one is best for your home.

We will walk you through both the pros & cons of each potential boiler, so you fully understand the ins & outs of each boiler before you make a decision. Once the type of boiler has been decided we will also advise you on the size of boiler that will suit you and your home best.

We work with the following boiler types and here is a high-level overview of what they all are.

* Combi Boiler

o Full title is ‘combination boiler’ which is one of the most popular choices of boiler within the Norfolk area as well as across the rest of the country.

o Its popularity is due to its reliable supply of hot water, as well as supply hot water for radiators as well.

o It is its own entity and doesn’t rely on any other appliances and functions where the cold water passes the system and heats it as it passes through, hence how it can provide a continuous flow of hot water.

o The process and set up means that energy usage is lower and more cost effective.

o Saves space within the home due to lack of need for a hot water tank.

* Regular Boiler

o Also known as a ‘conventional boiler’, this is usually found in older properties and is the older style of boiler with different components including relieve valve, expansion vessel and heating pump.

o Hot water is heated via a cylinder thermostat and is usually managed by a programme where you can control when the hot water should come on / off.

* System Boiler

o This is similar to the regular boilers and uses similar mechanisms and still uses a hot water tank. However, the set-up is slightly different.

o This boiler uses an unvented cylinder and so the use of gravity is less vital and means the hot water tank doesn’t have to be located in the loft.

o It tends to have a quicker response time to regular boilers and so may benefit some customers for this reason.

There are also different types of fuel you can use to power your boiler choice, all of which we have experience in, so whether it is Oil, LGP or Natural Gas we have the experience to install your new boiler safely and efficiently.

If you are considering a new boiler or simply want further information on the boiler types available get in touch today to see how we can help.