Types Of Boilers


Many households struggle with choosing the right boiler that suffices their needs. A Boiler installation at your house or workplace is a hefty investment. Therefore, our courteous, professional and reliable professionals offer effective consultancy to all our clients facilitating them in making the right choice.

Our experts have immense knowledge pertaining to the type of boilers to install. We make sure to acknowledge our clients about the pros and cons of their desired boiler so that they can leverage the most out of their investment.

Once a boiler has been selected, the next step is to size the boiler for the property. Our engineers will conduct a site inspection and size the boiler for your household.

At All Star Systems, our clients can choose from a variety of boilers explained as follows:

Combi Boiler

Combination boiler commonly referred to as Combi boiler is a popular choice of households in Norwich and Norfolk. The primary reason behind its immense popularity is that it can offer a smooth supply of hot water. Furthermore, combi boilers can also supply hot water to radiators which again offers optimal productivity.

Combi boilers have a significant advantage over system and regular boilers since it does not need any additional appliance. Generally, a regular and system boiler requires expansion cisterns, water storage cisterns, hot water cylinders, etc. to function. However, a combi boiler functions in a unique fashion where cold water passes via the appliance where it is heated up, changing its temperature. This gives it the ability to supply an instantaneous supply of hot water.

The process is extremely efficient which ensures the conservation of energy. Clients looking forward to bring their energy consumption down should opt for a combi boiler as no energy is wasted in preserving the water in a storage tank. Furthermore, considering that no storage tank is required a combi boiler consumes lesser space which makes it ideal for households in Norwich and Norfolk.

The professionals at All Star Systems are expert in installing a combi boiler. With our expertise, you are bound to get greater value for money. Call us now and opt for our free consultancy to explore the heating solutions at the best possible rates.

Regular Boiler

A conventional boiler or regular boiler is now an obsolete technology that is found in old properties. A regular boiler has striking similarity with a system boiler. However, some of the components found in a system boiler are not present in regular boilers. The three components found in a regular boiler are pressure relieve valve, expansion vessel and heating pump.

A regular boiler heats up your house by heating up the radiators across the property to you preferred temperature. The temperature is controlled via a thermostat. The hot water in the boiler is controlled by making use of a cylinder thermostat. Furthermore, the hot water duration can be managed through a programmer which gives users the ability to regulate the times as per their preference.

All Star Systems offer its client regular boiler installation service. While we suggest our clients to opt for a modern boiler, those who like the control offered by a regular boiler can enjoy our exemplary services.

System boiler

Similar to a regular boiler, a system boiler also follows a similar mechanism. The boiler operates using the conventional principle of hot storage tank. The system boiler features an unvented cylinder that is installed along with the boiler. This curbs the need of a tank in the loft space. This is an additional benefit since households do not have to maintain another cold water storage in the loft. Such a system is better than a regular boiler since the response time is shorter, offering quicker access to central heating and hot water.

We are a full service heating system company, where we have sufficient experience and knowledge about different boiler fuels. We deal in the following fuels:

· Oil


· Natural Gas

Our experts can install the fuel in your boiler ensuring steady performance. We adhere to the protocols of safety and compliance while filling fuel in your boiler.

If you are still confused about your desired boiler, then call us now and let our experts facilitate you. We are known for our great consultancy and exceptional plumbing and heating services throughout Norwich,Norfolk.