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The Worcester Wave

This product is the first of its kind within Worcester’s control products as it’s the first internet-connected programmable control for the home using smart devices. It has a natural and modern design which helps make it easy for customers to use with a smart device or Wave app. The app is downloadable on phones or tablets allowing customers to manage their heating and hot water wherever they may be across the globe. Key features of this product include: • It is compatible [...]

Water Softener

The Need for Water Softeners

Soft Water: The Need for Water Softeners A water softener is an agent that softens the water by eliminating all the hazardous minerals that can make water hard. Primarily, water that comprises of a high amount of magnesium or calcium is referred to as hard water. Hard water can be a source of multiple problems in your household. Hard water makes it difficult to dissolve soap or detergent in water and leaves water spots. The organic acid found in soaps [...]