Heating is a vital part of our everyday lives, it is something we rely on to make our homes comfortable and safe. Based in Norwich, but covering the wider Norfolk area, we are committed to providing premium heating services to all our customers to ensure that they continue to feel warm & safe. Our engineers are all based in Norfolk meaning that we should be able to reach you as soon as possible. So, whether you are looking to install a new boiler or repair an existing one our team are well equipped to do so.

Below is a breakdown of some of the main heating services we offer:


  • Heating Component Installation
    • Whether you are looking for a new installation or repair, we have engineers available to advise you on the best solutions for you and your home.
    • We take the time to understand how you heat your home to enable us to advise you on the best possible solution which can lead to a reduction of energy bill costs.
    • Our work is covered by our 1-year guarantee and we work with trusted component manufacturers that come with their own warranties to help give you peace of mind.
  • Heating Component Controls
    • It’s vital that customers understand how to use and manage their heating controls so they will always be in control their heating and energy bills.
    • We are available to advise you on how the controls work as well as what settings are best for you and your home. This has also then been known to help reduce customers energy bills and energy waste.
  • Radiator & Towel Rail Installation
    • When it comes to heating we are more than just boiler engineers. We can also install and replace radiators throughout your home.
    • We can advise you on the difference between towel rails & radiators and which may best suit you and your needs.
    • Our knowledge of the products themselves, alongside with the background knowledge of central heating and boilers, means we can give helpful and accurate information about what best suits your home.
  • Hot Water Systems
    • We are up to speed on the latest hot water systems available and can advise you on what may be best for your home.
    • Hot water systems vary from home to home, due to a matter of factors, that we can explain and ensure you also understand before you proceed to install anything.
  • Underfloor Heating:
    • Becoming increasingly popular amongst Norfolk residents, we can install underfloor heating into your home.
    • Like other heating services there are multiple options for underfloor heating which we can talk you through and advise on the best options for you and your home.
  • Pioneer Heating Service Provider
    • Everyone at Allstar Systems are local to Norwich and the Norfolk areas and understand that the winters can be extremely cold and for this reason it is vital that our customers can rely on the work that we carry out and can trust our engineers.
    • We endeavour to provide this with our 1-year guarantee offering which helps to build up customer relations and trust levels.
    • It is our priority to ensure that our engineers are constantly trained to the latest standards and technologies so that we continue to provide excellent services to our customers.

Why choose us for your heating needs?

We are proud to offer friendly and professional heating services but here are a few more reasons to help give you a better background of our expertise and services available.

  • We use only the highest quality components and parts to ensure your boiler is well maintained. Our partner, Honeywell, is a premium component manufacturer who we have worked with for some time. Using premium components can help save you hundreds of pounds on your energy bills as your boiler continues to work efficiently.
  • No hidden costs! We are honest and upfront with our customers with a straight forward pricing policy. This pricing policy allows customers to see for themselves exactly what certain services will cost so that they can plan for them accordingly.
  • Our prices are also competitive. We are aware that there are other companies in the Norfolk areas to choose from, but we want customers to realise we always offer the best possible service as the best possible price.
  • Our engineers are not only qualified and certifiedbut have vast levels of experience helping them to identify problems quickly and resolve issues as rapidly as possible. Not only that, they are friendly and will always consult with our customers on the work involved and any problems that they may come across to ensure that they are fully involved in the process.


If you are looking for a trustworthy boiler engineer within the Norfolk area, please get in touch today and we’d be happy to help. Alternatively, if you are still not 100% sure what heating service you require or the options you have, feel free to still get in touch and we’d be happy to talk these through with you.

We’re confident that we can offer a competitive package for anyone, across all budgets, so don’t waste any more time and enquire with us today to resolve your heating service needs.