Heating System Controls

Allstar Systems is proud to have a positive reputation in the Norfolk and Norwich areas for heating control systems. Customers in the area have been thrilled with the services we’ve provided to date and pleased with the work carried out.

In recent times heating controls are getting more and more advanced to help you have more control over your heating and understand exactly how much you are using. If you are interested in installing new heating system controls one of our Norfolk based engineers will happily assist you. Contact us today to enquire about how we can help.

We work closely with Honeywell who have a vast range of controls from water thermostats, underfloor heating thermostats or general heating thermostats. Our long relationship means that we can get deliveries of their products to our Norfolk base regularly to ensure our customers have as short a wait time as possible. Our engineers understand how their products work and can install them quickly and efficiently.

What exactly are Heating System Controls?

* Programmers & Timers

o If you are not in the home all the time it may be more cost efficient for you to have your heating & hot water set to come on only at certain times throughout the day.

o We have access to some great components that can give you the flexibility to control when exactly your heating or hot water comes on so that you’re not

heating your home when you’re not in it or heating water when you don’t need it.

* Room Thermostats & Hot Water Cylinder Stats

o Norwich and the wider Norfolk areas do suffer from harsh winters, in light of that we would advise our customers to install room thermostats to help regulate their heating during the colder months.

o When the temperature drops it is more cost efficient to maintain a mild room temperature rather than letting the temperature drastically drop and then build it back up again. This is only manageable with an in-room thermostat.

o Installation of in-room thermostats have also proven to reduce overall energy bills. It is also one of the easiest tools for us to install, causing you the least amount of disruption.

o Our water supply is vital for our day to day lives but like with any water it can carry bacteria and germs. Our engineers can install thermostatic blending valves which not only monitor temperature but also chemical levels.

* Thermostatic Radiator Valves

o If you are considering installing a heating control system, for it to work correctly will require installation of thermostatic radiator valves. This can be a simple replace procedure and doesn’t involve having to replace the whole radiator if you don’t want to.

o The valves help to regulate the radiators temperature, which in turn reduces your energy consumption, and lower your energy bills.

Whilst considering any of the above new heating controls we can also advise on any other heating services that may be of interest to you. Alternatively, you can read up on them yourself here.

The above list is an overview of the conventional heating control systems we offer our customers’ however we are not restricted to this. If you are looking to install Air Locks, heating pumps or other items please do still get in touch as we do support these items also.

  • Radiators
  • Towel Rails
  • Heating Pumps
  • Motorise Valves
  • Bypass Valves
  • Expansion Vessels
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Radiator Valves
  • Header Tanks
  • Heating System Pipe Work
  • Power Flushing
  • Heating System Filters

If you our interested in our services and would like to book an engineer please Contact Us.