Heating System Upgrade


While replacing central heating control systems is a cumbersome and a hefty investment, the residents of Norwich and Norfolk can leverage from our upgrading services. With optimum efficiency and profound results, our experts will offer you the best heating upgrade services to add to your comfort.

At Allstar Systems, we have undertaken several up gradation projects, delivering profound results. We can upgrade your old central heating system to a modern heating control system. Since all clients desire to save energy, our heating engineers can offer consultancy on which system will be effective for your domestic or commercial establishment. Furthermore, our experts can also quote an approximate expenditure, along with your annual saving to help you assess the pros and cons of your investment.

The Process:

When a client approaches us, all our experts follow a streamlined process for improved productivity

Step 1: We deploy a trained Norwich heating engineer as per your requirements.

Step 2: Our experts will evaluate the severity of your problem and suggest a solution accordingly. We will repair, replace or upgrade your central heating system.

Step 4: An estimation of the overall expense involved and long-term savings will be presented by our heating engineers.

Step 5: The up gradation will commence on mutual agreement.

While presenting you an estimate, our Norwich heating engineers will take the following aspects into consideration:

· Hot Water Cylinder: The condition of your hot water cylinder.

· Type of Heating System: The kind of heating system deployed and the upgraded system required for optimal productivity.

· Boiler: The condition of the boiler. Maintenance, upgrade or repair needed as per the condition.

· Radiator: The radiator being used along with its condition.

· Radiator Valves: The radiator valves installed in the system.

· Thermostat: The thermostat used. If an obsolete or manual thermostat is used, our experts will encourage the installation of a digital heating thermostat.

· Pipe Work: The pipe work needed for up gradation.


We suggest all our clients to opt for a sealed system. The system is a modern solution to conventional heating. It does not require an expansion tank or feed like the conventional systems, making it a suitable option.

Today, households cannot afford high fuel prices due to meager disposable income. However, by upgrading your heating control system you can have greater savings. Our heating experts will help you in reducing your fuel consumption, making your households comfortable.

Allstar Systems have a great team of Norwich heating engineers , offering heating system upgrade, boiler installation, and repair and replacement services. Our professionals have adequate expertise to determine the fault and suggest solutions that offer maximum productivity.

Irrespective of your location and need, our experts will offer round the clock services to facilitate your temperature and heating control needs. With our services, our clients have observed a significant drop in their energy expenditure, resulting in greater savings.

If you our interested in our services and would like to book an engineer please Contact Us.