Hot Water Systems


At All Star Systems, our certified and licensed engineers have great expertise in the installation, replacement, repair and maintenance of hot water systems. We are a team of courteous, affordable and efficient hot water systems providers giving precedence to customer experience.

If you are planning to invest in a hot water system in Norwich or Norfolk, then we will gladly be at your service. Our engineers can design an efficient hot water system that caters to your distinct needs.

We offer two distinct hot water systems:

· Vented Hot Water Systems

· Unvented Hot Water Systems

What Is A Vented Hot Water System?

Within the United Kingdom, vented hot water cylinders are the most readily used and popular type of hot water system. All Star Systems excels in the installation of vented hot water systems with more than a decade of successful jobs on our portfolio.

In the loft space, a hot water cylinder is fed through a cold water storage where gravity is used to transfer the stream of hot water to desired channels. The pressure at which the hot water will flow depends on the height at which the cold water cistern is placed, above the shower feed or tank. This indicates that the ground floor of the establishment will get a sufficient supply of water, whereas the upper floors will not leverage from the same flow. In consequence, many showers in domestic households that have vented hot water tanks make use of shower pump that bolster performance.

Considering the easy maintenance and installation of vented hot water systems, the technology remains to be the preferred choice of residents of Norwich and Norfolk. Moreover, the pricing is also comparatively reasonable than unvented hot water systems, making it light on the budget. Such a system is ideal for households which demand a smooth stream of water supply and have little to no issue with the pressure in mains to be low.

At All Star Systems, we have in-depth expertise in the installation and maintenance of vented hot water systems. Moreover, our experts make use of stainless steel cylinders instead of copper cylinders that ensure improved performance. Moreover, the 30 year warranty makes it a sound investment.

What Is An Unvented Hot Water System?

Earlier in 1986, the judiciary of United Kingdom legalized the installation of unvented hot water cylinders. Over the passage of time, they have become popular in Norwich and Norfolk for regulating the temperature of water.

In an unvented hot water cylinder, a cold water storage is not required since the hot water cylinders are fed directly through the cold water mains. This means that the system functions at the pressure of the mains. Therefore, the flow of water is efficient and the pressure is maintained evenly.

Unlike vented systems that require maintenance of the cold water tank in the loft, the unvented hot water system can function without maintenance, saving on costs. This results in extra space and eliminates the freezing issue during winters.

All Stars Systems makes use of Heatrae Sadia as their hot water cylinders manufacturer. The cylinders come with a 30 year warranty and are produced whilst adhering to the highest protocols of compliance.

An unvented hot water system is ideal for big or commercial properties where there are several bathrooms. The system makes use of a cold water accumulator which ensures that the flow of water is regulated from both – hot and cold outlets. An immersion heater can be used to heat an unvented hot water storage cylinder. Such a system is ideal for commercial setups that have multi-story properties where it is difficult to maintain a regulated stream of water through cold water cisterns.

At All Star Systems, our engineers have immense expertise in the installation and maintenance of unvented hot water systems. We make use of stainless steel cylinders for high performance and unmatched durability. Moreover, we also use the best quality of inject form to ensure heat retention and energy conservation.

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