Hot Water Systems

At Allstar Systems, our certified and licensed engineers have great expertise in the installation, replacement, repair and maintenance of hot water systems. Like with all our services we pride ourselves on offering professional service at competitive prices.

What are the two Hot Water Systems?

* Vented Hot Water Systems

o These are the most common hot water system used in the UK.

o Stored mostly in household lofts, the hot water cylinder is fed via gravity to the different rooms within the home.

o Water pressure is mainly determined by the height at which the tank is placed.

o Allstar Systems have over a decade of experience maintaining and installing Vented Hot Water Systems so can assist you with any Vented Hot Water System enquires. We can also install under a 30-year warranty to give customers assurance that the installation will be successful for years to come.

* Unvented Hot Water Systems

o These were brought in by the industry in 1986 and ever since have continued to grow in popularity. Allstar Systems have already installed these systems in a number of homes in the Norfolk area.

o This system negates the need for a cold-water tank as the hot water cylinders are fed directly through the cold-water mains.

o Water pressure is increasingly stable as it isn’t reliant on gravity and doesn’t vary depending on what room you are in.

o Maintenance costs can be lower due to the lack of cold water tank so can be preferable for some customers.

o More suited for larger properties with more rooms to ‘feed’, the water supply and pressure can be more reliable than Vented systems.

o This system can be boosted by an immersion heater if there are times when multiple rooms require hot water, or in an emergency.

o The team here at Allstar Systems have extensive knowledge in Unvented Hot Water System installation. We have partnered with Heatrae Sadia who offer a 30-year warranty on their products and allows us to offer the highest quality available to our customers.

If you are interested in either Hot Water Systems or want some more advice on which one may be better for you get in touch with us to day and we will be happy to help