Radiators and Towel Rails

The team here at Allstar Systems have vast knowledge in the heating industry which extends to the range of radiators and towel rails available. If you have recently moved and not happy with the placement of the radiators in your new home we can help you relocate them within your home to areas that suit you better.

Although we are based in Norfolk, we have relationships with manufacturers across the country to help give our customers a wider range of products to choose from. However, our manufacturer of choice is Sterklad for all things radiators. They have proven to be one of the strongest brands available and haven’t let us down when it comes to quality. We also have an excellent relationship with Honeywell who we use when advising on thermostatic radiations.

No job is too big or small for us, whether you are looking to replace all or just one of your radiators, we are here to help. Our qualified engineers are able to advise on what may be best for your home and help you choose what is best for your needs.

Radiator or Towel Rail?

These two are very similar in many ways, but do serve different purposes, here we’ll break the differences down for you:

* Towel rails give off less heat than radiators, their goal is to heat / dry the towel that is rested on them. Hence why you mainly only see them in bathrooms.

* Towel rails can be heated by a different energy source than the rest of your radiators. For example, if your main radiators are connected to the central heating, towel rails can be separate and managed on their own, usually by electricity. This is mostly beneficial in summer months where your central heating may not come on but you want to keep your towels dry.

There is also an array of styles of radiators you can choose from, we supply the following:

* Cast Iron Radiators

* Luxury Designer Radiators

* Heated Towel Rails

* Vertical Type Radiators

Still not sure? No problem! Our engineers can talk you through in more details the differences between the two and what may be best for you. Contact us today to find out more.

What next?

If you are considering a new radiator or several, get in touch with us to get the ball rolling. Once you’re booked in we will visit you at your property to carry out an on-site survey. This helps us ensure we advise on the best possible solution and don’t suggest any products that may not fit or be right for you. This way we can also get into the granular detail of suggesting specific locations within each room for the radiators.

Once on site we will also review extra details such as the pipework and boiler within the home, so that if you are considering installing more radiators than that are currently in place, we can verify that the fixtures already installed can support such changes. This way it avoids any unsuspected costs and work further down the line.

Our engineers understand how important your home is and that many take pride in their home and its appearance. This is why any work carried out by our team is done so professionally, ensuring we incur as little mess and inconvenience as possible. We provide our own dustsheets to help protect items in the home and will clear up after ourselves as well, leaving you to enjoy your new installation with minimum stress.

Interested in finding out more about our radiator services? Call us today to see how we can help.