Radiators and Towel Rails


At Allstar Systems, our experts specialize in offering a variety of heating services to the residents of Norwich and Norfolk. For maintenance, repair, heating installation and replacement, our certified and licensed professionals can get all jobs done without compromising on quality. Furthermore, we can also relocate your heating systems to the desired location for optimal efficiency.

We have various manufacturers for heating components that supply us quality products. However, Stelrad remains to be our preferred choice in terms of radiators considering the longevity and quality. They are known as the finest suppliers of radiators in the United Kingdom. We, at Allstar Systems, live up to the expectations of our clients by partnering with the top tier suppliers.

If you desire to install an additional radiator or radiator replacement, then need not worry. Our team of certified and licensed heating professionals will evaluate your present system and offer you sound advice to help you make the right decision.

In terms of thermostatic radiators, Allstar Systems has joined hands with Honeywell which again is an industry giant for top notch thermostat components. Residents of Norwich and Norfolk can observe a significant drop in their energy bills by installing the right heating systems.

Our experts are trained to facilitate our clients ensuring that they make a smart choice. All our Norwich heating engineers are trained, licensed and certified professionals with exemplary analytical skills helping households to save on annual energy related expenditures.

Radiators or Tower Rails?

While contemplating between choosing a tower rail or radiator, many individuals have a tough time in choosing the right components.

Generally, tower rails and radiators function in a similar manner where hot water is gushed from one end, the stream of water travels through the pipes and is warmed during the process. The warm water exits from the valves. Moreover, electric tower rails and radiators have the same functionality. The only difference is that towel rails give out less heat in contrast to radiators. They are used to warm towels and not the whole room.

Today, towel rails are available in dual fuel or are solely electric. This means that such rails are powered using electricity which ensure fast and efficient cooling and heating. It needs to be noted that the central heating system for hot water is also connected, this ensures that the clients get hot water when the heating system is powered on. This makes tower rails useful during summers when central heating is mostly disbarred.

What Do You Expect?

When choosing between a tower rail and radiator, it is important to know the purpose they fulfil along with the function they perform. At, All Star Systems, our experts upon understanding your distinct needs will suggest you the right option for an efficient central heating system.

Make sure to acknowledge our engineers about your household needs and we will suggest a heating system that helps you in conserving energy.

How We Work?

When a client approaches us for installation, repair or maintenance of heating systems such as radiators and tower rails, we conduct an onsite survey. This helps us in prescribing the right system that will guarantee savings. Moreover, our engineers will give advice on where to position the radiators within the room for improved performance.

Our portfolio includes a variety of radiators to choose from. We are known for the installation of radiators which includes:

· Cast Iron Radiators

· Luxury Designer Radiators

· Heated Towel Rails

· Vertical Type Radiators

Moreover, if you require the installation of additional radiators for rooms within your domestic and commercial establishments, our experts will evaluate the pipe work along with the boiler size to see if the demand can be accommodated. All the jobs undertaken by our experts get unmatched attention to ensure that our clients get superior quality.

Clients generally dread maintenance, repair and installation activities since they cause severe damage to household commodities. However, at Allstar Systems, our experts are trained to ensure that no harm is caused to furniture or other house decor items. Our heating engineers will clear the site, place dustsheets and clean the area before delivery. Thereby, all the garbage is removed by us and cleanliness is ensured under all circumstances.

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