Underfloor Heating

We are experts in underfloor heating installation within the Norfolk area so whether you’re looking to install it in your kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your home we can help.

Our expert knowledge in the underfloor heating service means we can advise you on how the installation works, the benefits; such as even heat distribution, and more detail around the product itself.

We have an excellent reputation within Norwich and the wider area for expert installation. We are conscious that underfloor heating has had bad reviews elsewhere, and customers experience colder patches and not an even heat throughout, but not with us. We are determined to provide an excellent and professional service.

Underfloor heating options:

* Screed floor

o The under-floor heating system is laid within the concrete screed flooring, the pipe work is established in a manner that resembles a circuit.

o The clip rail system or kombi clips are used to fix and strengthen the insulation.

o This is one of the most common and efficient under floor heating systems available.

o Think this might be the option for you? Get in touch to find out more today.

* Timber Suspended Floor

o There are multiple ways this can be installed but we use the Uni foil system.

o The Uni Foil system makes use of a multi-layer bubble film insulation with a coating of aluminium that is bonded. This aluminium is coated with polyethylene which results in a completely waterproof and corrosive free insulation system.

o We’re confident in the Uni foil system as it is certified material that has been tested by Building Services Research & Information Association (BSRIA).

o The system works by trapping air which creates low emissive air spaces that improve the overall thermal capacity.

o Want to find out more about this option? Call us today to learn more.

* Tracked Plywood Panel System

o This system makes use of bonded plywood panels on the underside with aluminium heat transfer plates.

o The panels feature a central groove that ensures a tight grip for the 12mm pipes, ensuring that the pipe and transfer plate are in close contact.

o The system is extremely easy to install and can be fixed or floated on an even base surface.

o Our team of experts will happily talk you through this option, enquire with us today to find out more.

* Floating Floor

o This is an excellent option if you are looking for ease, as this underfloor heating can be used with any existing flooring.

o It is a great alternative to screed flooring and ideal for those who desire retrofit UFH.

o The system uses pre-grooved insulation floor panels composed of polystyrene EPS30. They are used with double heat emission plates and can be used with 15mm & 16mm UFH pipe spacing of almost 200mm centres.

o Here at Allstar Systems we go the extra mile and can install an extra level of insulation for peace of mind.

We’re dedicated to working with you when installing your underfloor heating system. Once you’ve decided what option you would like we can design the system for you and make sure you’re 100% happy before any work starts. We ask customers to supply a plan of the building which we can then start our work from.

Our engineers are fully qualified and professional in their line of work, in light of that we take our responsibility as a plumbing and heating service quite seriously and adhere to the Building Regulations to minimize any follow up problems.

If you are looking to install underfloor heating and are in the Norfolk area, get in touch today and we can help advise you on the best solution for your home as well as discuss the process for installation.