Power Flushing


Power flushing is extremely important for a clean and efficient system. At All Star Systems, our licensed and trained experts have substantial experience in cleaning and restoring your heating system, ensuring optimal performance. We are a full service plumbing and heating service in Norwich and Norfolk offering the best power flushing service with unmatched customer service.

When Do You Need Power Flushing?

Here are a few situations where power flushing may help in improving efficiency:

· If you find dirty black water in the radiator of your heating system.

· If the heating system goes from slow to warm.

· If you detect cold spots in the radiator.

· If your hot water performance is unsatisfactory.

· If the transfer of heat is unsatisfactory.

· If pump failures occurs on repeated intervals.

· If you find pin hole leakages in the radiator.

Our engineers at All Star Systems make use of Kamco cf90 power flushing pump along with a magnetic filter. This helps in power flushing the heating systems.

Why Do You Need Power Flushing?

The water found in a heating system comprises of iron oxide, a magnetic component which is extremely corrosive in nature. Such magnetic content make the entire system inefficient. Such water can have a knock on effect which can subsequently damage your radiator, central heating pump, boiler heat exchanger, hot water cylinder and pipe work. To ensure the optimal functioning of your heating system, it is extremely important to flush out the corrosive fluid.

Power flushing is inevitable because a malfunctioning heating system does not offer maximum efficiency, the compromise in performance can lead to exceptionally high oil and gas bills.

Damage Caused By Corrosive Heating Systems

Heating systems that are not power flushed remain under constant stress. The lack of water in the pump on the central heating system can be due to the chocked radiators of pipe. Likewise, the boiler heat exchanger might start retaining heat due to a blockage in the passageway causing significant damage. The blockages not only affect the performance of your heating system, but also affect its lifespan which can be a major financial crunch for many.

At All Star Systems, we understand the importance of power flushing and facilitate our clients in Norwich and Norfolk to maintain an efficient system. We have in-depth expertise ensuring to get the job done with optimal efficiency.

We care about our customers and to prevent any future problems, we advise all our clients to power flush their heating system before installing a new boiler to an existing heating system. As per our experience, a heating system may function fine with no visible issues, but it may still contain sludge and be prone to corrosion.

The corrosive material found affects performance by damaging the circulation, premature failures, noise problems and much more. Furthermore, all this also adversely affects your energy bills.

All Star Systems plumbing and heating service will make sure to offer greater value for money by offering the best services. Our trained and licensed professionals will offer free consultancy so that you can opt for a power flush before the situation worsens. With our services, you can stay ahead of damage and save your hard earned money.

Benefits of Power Flushing:

· On an average, households have observed a 25 percent drop in heating bills.

· The heat up times have improved.

· The heating system and boilers are less noisy.

· The circulation of the system instrumentally improves.

· Ensures rust protection.

When a client approaches us for a power flush, our experts will evaluate the heating system. Depending on the severity of the task, our experts will suggest the next step. We make sure to adhere to the highest protocols of safety and compliance.

We are a team of professional heating engineers with sufficient experience and analytical skills to get the job done. With more than 15 years of experience in central heating, we are constantly learning and upgrading our skills. We strive to offer the best services with unmatched customer service affordable prices, encouraging you to choose us for all heating and plumbing needs contact us.