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At Allstar Systems, we provide swift and dependable boiler servicing throughout the year, proudly being Gas safe registered service & Oftec registered provider. Understanding the critical role a functioning boiler plays in your Norfolk home, our trained and highly skilled team of Gas & Oil engineers has garnered a stellar reputation for boiler repair and maintenance services across the region, including Norwich, Great Yarmouth, and King’s Lynn. As your local boiler maintenance company, we are committed to delivering quality boiler care and services.

The Heating Hot Water and Industry Council (HHIC) continues to provide guidelines on a comprehensive framework for boiler maintenance and servicing. Although specific recommendations may vary across manufacturers, it’s beneficial to understand what to expect when updating and servicing your boiler.

Many individuals delay boiler servicing until encountering a problem, which isn’t advisable. An annual boiler service is essential for ensuring a safe living environment and avoiding unexpected issues, especially when moving into a new home. If you’re in search of a reputable engineer for your boiler service and don’t have a contact, numerous reliable sources online can help you find a qualified professional. The following information is crucial for when you schedule your service appointment.

Having the manufacturer’s instructions readily available is vital for the boiler servicing process, allowing the engineer to access specific details about your boiler. Informing your engineer about the make and model of your boiler in advance can greatly facilitate the service, ensuring they have the necessary equipment and knowledge. If you’ve misplaced or never received the boiler manual, most manufacturers offer downloadable versions on their websites.

When selecting a service provider, verifying their Gas Safe or Oftec certification is imperative. Certified engineers should present their Gas Safe or Oftec card before starting the service, and they will typically inquire about your boiler’s recent performance and any potential faults. The HHIC provides a guideline for the boiler service, which includes:

  • Accessing the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Operating the boiler to check its basic functionality.
  • Isolating and testing the boiler/heating system electrically.
  • Conducting a visual inspection for any signs of distress.
  • Cleaning the boiler and its components as necessary.
  • Reinstating the electrical supply and checking the gas burner pressure and gas rate.
  • Performing a flue-gas-analysis test and ensuring effective seal formation by boiler case seals.
  • Verifying the adequacy of ventilation and the integrity of the flue.
  • Testing boiler safety devices and checking for gas leaks.
  • Adhering to the Oftec regulations and Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure (GIUSP) in case of safety defects.
  • Completing the Benchmark service report and any additional work documentation.

Final checks after the service should include system operation verification, pressure checks, advice on any further required work, and recommendations for regular servicing and the installation of a carbon monoxide alarm.

Maintaining your boiler and central heating system is essential, not only for the health of your system but also to uphold many warranties that require annual servicing. Reviewing your warranty on the manufacturer’s website is advisable to ensure validity, especially with a new boiler. Annual servicing can prevent boiler breakdowns and contribute to more efficient operation, potentially lowering energy bills.

Our competitively priced central heating boiler services are executed by our Norwich-based boiler service engineers, who are not only honest but also reliable. Offering a 24-hour boiler repair solution, our experts are ready to assist at any time. We cater to a variety of boilers including Electric, LPG, Oil, and Gas Boilers, ensuring only Genuine high-quality boiler care parts are used in our services. Trust us to keep your boiler running smoothly all year round, providing you with peace of mind and the comfort you deserve.

Allstar Systems has helped install, maintain and boiler service across Norfolk for years. If you’re concerned about your boiler or you have any further questions for us, contact us on 01603523247 today. You can also fill out an online form and we’ll aim to reply within one working day.

Boiler Service

We continue to welcome new customers from Great Yarmouth, King’s Lynn, Bury St. Edmunds and Lowestoft because:

  • We’re an experienced team of qualified and certified engineers with decades of combined experience.
  • We’re proud of every honest and friendly service we carry out. We guarantee that there will be no hidden costs and you’ll be informed of every check and repair we make to your boiler. Find out more.
  • Every part we use for our repairs is Worcester Bosch approved. They’re the highest-quality boiler components available, ensuring that every bit of our work is reliable.
  • We’re committed to carrying out our boiler repairs and maintenance within 48 hours. We can offer our boiler services to homes across Norfolk.

We carry out extensive checks to ensure that we eliminate any potential problem that could arise in the near future. Contact us.

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