Boosted Water Systems


What is a Boosted Water System?

Boosted water system is needed when the water tank is positioned at a low level. This creates the need of an efficient system which pushes the water upward for effective water pressure and distribution. Primarily, a Boosted Water System comprises of a water tank that supplies water to a number of pumps. Large sized bore pipes are provided water so that it can be effectively distributed to all the units within a building. The system has a non-return valve which restricts the water from flowing back to the tank.

The water pressure that gushes out of the system is extremely high. Thereby, it is extremely important to make use of a durable and high quality system to avoid the chances of leakage. Moreover, having control over the distribution is also important; it can be done through multi port manifolds. All Star System has sufficient expertise in Boosted Water System installation, maintenance and repair ensuring to provide customers with the best water distribution mechanism.

Water is a scarce and valuable commodity and its need is constantly increasing with the passage of time. Having a reliable water system is of supreme importance for ensuring a steady supply of water in all climatic conditions. The citizens of Norwich and Norfolk need not worry as All Star Systems will ensure effective installation for improved water distribution.

Allstar Systems Facilitating Your Water Supply Needs

We, at Allstar Systems, are committed to effective plumbing installation and maintenance of a Boosted Water System. If you are struggling with low working mains water pressure or poor water flow rate, then need not worry! Our experts will ensure to resolve your plumbing related issues without denting your budget. We have in-depth expertise in designing Boosted Water Systems. Thus, we will ensure to design a system that caters to your distinct needs.

Our extensive range of Boosting Water Systems include:

Gravity Fed System via Cold Water Storage Tank

In case you have poor flow rate and low working mains, then a gravity fed systems is the right choice for improving water supply. Our experts can estimate the size of hot water cylinders and cold water storage tank according to the amount of water you require.

We suggest all our clients to make use of stainless steel cylinders since they are sturdier, robust and ensure an even distribution of water. In contrast to copper cylinders, these cylinders transfer heat better with a warranty of 30 years.

All our plumbing practices ensure better performance at the best possible rates, making us the ultimate choice for heating and plumbing activities in Norwich and Norfolk.

Un vented Hot Water Systems

In modern homes, a radically new water system known as un vented Hot Water Systems is being installed. This is ideal for those domestic and commercial establishments that demand larger flow rates. For establishments with multiple bathrooms, such a system is suitable since a hot water cylinder is fitted directly in the cold water mains supply ensuring effective distribution of water. The tank is manufactured using stainless steel with a warranty of 30 years.

At Allstar Systems, we help in the installation and maintenance of the Unvented Hot Water System. Our experts will not only install the system, but schedule maintenance activities to prolong the lifespan of your system. We conduct a thorough testing of the safety components to ensure that they are in good shape. Moreover, the expansion vessel is also recharged for optimal performance. Thereby, we are committed to delivering exceptional plumbing services along with great after care.

Cold Water Accumulator

Establishing adequate performance of your main supply is extremely important with the increase in demand of main fed appliances and Unvented cylinders. Many times, installers forget to carry out flow test which can affect the performance of Unvented cylinders. This has an adverse effect on the supply of water where the flow is negligible in most circumstances.

At Allstar Systems, we ensure to carry out relevant flow and pressure tests to ensure the optimum functionality of your water systems. Need not worry if your system is damaged, our experts are trained to resolve the most complex problems. An accumulator along with a stainless steel Unvented cylinder will be used by our experts to increase the volume of water. This will act like a storage vessel of cold water where the pressure will be regulated in situations where multiple taps are flowing at the same time.

We will ensure to improve the performance of your showers and cater to all your plumbing needs.

New Water Main Supply

At Allstar Systems, our experts suggest plumbing solutions as per the needs of households and businesses. Our certified professionals may suggest replacement if the main supply is old, where maintenance and repair activities can be carried out on modern systems. We will ensure to suggest the best option for you that does not dent your budget.

If you would like to speak to us regarding your existing system for potential upgrade pleaseĀ Contact Us.