Allstar Systems Norwich Ltd boasts a team of highly skilled commercial heating, gas, and oil-fired engineers. Furthermore, they specialize in preventative servicing, maintenance, and 24hr emergency breakdown calls for all types of commercial heating systems. Importantly, commercial heating appliances depend on numerous moving parts to function effectively. Therefore, our commercial heating services aim to help you maintain your equipment efficiently. By partnering with us, you can schedule regular services to ensure your commercial heating equipment stays in prime condition. Additionally, should your equipment cease working or perform inadequately, you can rely on us for repairs.

Safe and efficient commercial heating systems not only reduce costs but also ensure that your staff remains content. Indeed, when people are comfortable with the temperature, their work efficiency improves. Consequently, prioritizing your heating maintenance can significantly enhance productivity. Notably, all our commercial gas engineers excel in their respective fields, boasting extensive knowledge of the equipment they service daily. Allstar Systems Norwich Ltd ensures that all commercial gas engineers are fully equipped with the latest gas equipment and tools.

Our services within the commercial sector include bespoke plant room installations, commercial boiler servicing & repairs, and commercial hot water systems servicing & repairs. These services cater to your business heating needs across Norwich, Norfolk, and East Anglia. While many of our clients are local, our commercial heating company also performs gas, heating, and water works for clients throughout the UK. The service you receive from our commercial team mirrors the personalized care expected from a local, client-focused business.

All installations, repairs, and servicing are conducted by our fully qualified commercial gas engineers, who undergo regular DBS checks as part of our company’s protocols. You depend on your commercial heating systems for your staff’s comfort. A failure in your heating system could lead to closure, a scenario best avoided. With Allstar Systems, you strengthen your defences against downtime, ensuring business continuity. We address a range of commercial heating issues, providing insurance against the loss of heating and hot water. Moreover, we offer emergency boiler rooms ready to deliver heating and hot water within 24hrs.

Gas Safety Compliance:

  • The law mandates minimum temperatures of 16°C for general working conditions and 13°C for strenuous labour.
  • Facilities and Building Managers must renew their CP12 certificate annually, adhering to Gas Safety Regulations. This certificate verifies that your gas appliances meet the HSE’s compliance criteria. Competent engineers listed on the Gas Safe Register must install gas equipment.

Annual inspections of your gas distribution and service pipework are recommended, resulting in the issuance of a Commercial Gas Safety Certificate.