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Allstar Systems Norwich Ltd, founded in 2010, is a family-operated business that has become a source of comfort and warmth for the domestic and commercial sectors. Additionally, our heating company in Norfolk dedication to a sustainable future and adherence to principles of quality, innovation, and value allows us to provide top-tier boilers, hot water systems, and heating controls throughout Norfolk and beyond. Moreover, our reputation for excellent workmanship and customer service has led to widespread recognition through recommendations and referrals on trusted platforms.

We specialize in repairing heating systems for both households and businesses across Norfolk, earning a loyal customer base through our commitment to high-quality workmanship and transparent pricing. Our engineers, all of whom are Gas Safe and Oftec registered, bring years of industry experience and expertise to each job, adeptly handling everything from fixing broken boilers to replacing outdated radiators.

Specializing in the maintenance of natural gas, propane, and oil-fired central heating systems, Allstar Systems holds esteemed Gas Safe and OFTEC registrations. Furthermore, our strong partnership with the UK’s leading boiler manufacturer, Worcester Bosch, enhances our service offerings. Our skilled and experienced heating engineers are adept at performing a broad spectrum of heating services rapidly and effectively. Whether you require landlord safety certificates, homeowner gas safety checks, guidance on new central heating systems, boiler installations, or maintenance, we are here to assist. From updating a radiator valve to installing radiators and hot water cylinders for both domestic and commercial heating systems, Allstar Systems is committed to delivering the exceptional service you anticipate.

Our comprehensive heating repair services include:

Heating Repairs: We tackle issues such as radiator leaks and broken thermostats, ensuring your system operates smoothly and efficiently.

Gas Repairs, Testing, and Certificates: Our services extend to gas repairs, conducting thorough gas testing, and issuing gas safety certificates.

Heating Efficiency Surveys: We evaluate your heating system to identify improvements that can enhance its efficiency and reduce your energy costs.

Radiator Replacement: Whether due to inefficiency or damage, we can replace old radiators to improve your heating system’s performance.

Valve Issues: From stuck to leaking valves, we address a range of valve problems that can affect your heating system’s functionality.

Leaking Pipes: Our team promptly fixes leaking pipes, preventing water damage and loss of heating efficiency.

Pressure Problems: We diagnose and resolve issues related to inadequate or excessive pressure in your heating system.

Broken Thermostats: Whether it’s recalibration or replacement, we ensure your thermostat accurately regulates your home’s temperature.

Trust our skilled team for all your heating repair needs within Norfolk, where we combine technical expertise with exceptional customer service to deliver solutions that keep your environment warm and comfortable.

Our Norwich-based heating engineers, clad in company uniforms and driving vans stocked with a wide array of high-quality spare parts and equipment, stand ready to address every requirement. In the rare case of an issue following our visit, you can be confident that we are fully insured. Our team of heating engineers, who are all directly employed, highly qualified, and DBS checked via Trading Standards and Which? Trusted Traders, is at your disposal, ensuring peace of mind and reliability in our services.

When it comes to new gas boiler installations, we acknowledge the complexity that homeowners might feel. Yet, the fundamental aspects are quite straightforward. We provide premium, safe, trusted, and energy-efficient boiler brands, complete with a thermostat, pipework, radiators, and any necessary components. Our Gas Safe Registered & OFTEC engineers guarantee a secure and compliant installation, enhanced by additional manufacturer support guarantees to safeguard your investment. Furthermore, the availability of a smart thermostat enables remote heating control, offering convenience and efficiency.

Modern condensing boilers are up to 40% more efficient than their pre-2005 non-condensing counterparts, significantly reducing heating and maintenance costs. Specializing in the full range of Worcester Bosch boilers, Allstar Systems offers a 10-year or 12-year guarantee with every gas or oil-fired Worcester Bosch boiler installation. Designed for durability, Worcester Bosch Greenstar boilers allow for future heating and hot water planning with confidence, backed by outstanding customer support.

Choosing a reputable heating company is paramount when installing a new central heating system, whether replacing an outdated one or installing for the first time. We attentively listen to your needs, selecting the most appropriate heating system, components, and appliances. We ensure the recommended heating system provides the best value and adheres to all building and gas/oil regulations regarding installation, energy efficiency, and performance. Once you accept our quotation, we’ll schedule the installation and agree on a start date, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient process.

This service is also available for any plumbing or boiler problems.

Our range of central heating repairs, installations and maintenance are carried out by our dedicated heating team, making sure your home remains warm throughout the year. If you’re interested in our heating services, give us a call on 01603523247 or contact us here today.

Our Range of Fast & Effective Heating Services

Radiator & Towel Rail Installation

  • We specialise in installing new radiators and heated towel rails.
  • A heating engineer will always assess and provide you with a no-obligation quote.
  • We also carry out radiator repairs across Norwich, Lowestoft & King’s Lynn.

Heating System Upgrade

  • Our experienced team of heating experts can upgrade your heating system.
  • We’ll assess and recommend the best heating system for your Norfolk home.
  • We offer a range of boilers protected by our labour and parts guarantee.

Heating System Controls

  • Allstar Systems offers a range of thermostats that give you control of your heating.
  • We can recommend a heating system control that’s perfect for your home.
  • Our heating engineer can visit your property in and around Norwich within 48 hours.

Underfloor Heating

  • We provide the best underfloor heating solutions for your property.
  • We specialise in installing an underfloor heating system anywhere in your home.
  • It’s a great alternative to a traditional radiator and saves space too.

Hot Water Systems

  • Allstar System can offer and install the latest hot water system today.
  • Our heating engineer will assess your Norfolk home and recommend the right system.
  • We can install, replace, repair and maintain your hot water system too.

Boiler Repair

  • We are accredited Worcester Bosch installers and can carry out repairs.
  • Our emergency boiler repair service can get your boiler fixed quickly.
  • We can also maintain and replace your boiler today.


Interesting Facts about Norfolk

Norfolk, a ceremonial county in the East of England and East Anglia, is characterized by its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant communities. It shares its borders with Lincolnshire and The Wash to the northwest, the North Sea to the north and east, Cambridgeshire to the west, and Suffolk to the south, encompassing an area of 2,074 square miles (5,370 km²) with a population of approximately 859,400. The county’s heart is Norwich, its largest city, known for its historical and cultural significance. Other major towns include King’s Lynn, Great Yarmouth, and Thetford, reflecting Norfolk’s predominantly rural makeup, interspersed with quaint villages and bustling market towns. Norfolk is divided into seven districts for local government purposes, emphasizing its diverse and decentralized nature.

Geographically, Norfolk presents a varied landscape: the Fens in the west offer expansive flatlands, while the centre boasts gently undulating lowlands. The north coast is recognized for its natural beauty, and the south houses portions of Thetford Forest. The Broads, a renowned network of rivers and lakes stretching into Suffolk, highlight the county’s unique ecological features, enjoying protection and status akin to a national park. The county’s geology comprises mainly clay and chalk, contributing to its scenic coastline and agricultural fertility but also making it prone to coastal erosion. Norfolk’s history is deeply etched with tales of prehistoric settlement, Roman occupation by the Iceni tribe led by the legendary Boudica, and subsequent settlement by the Angles, forming part of the Kingdom of East Anglia.

In the Middle Ages, Norfolk thrived on the wool trade, leading to the construction of numerous large churches, a testament to its wealth and architectural legacy. The county’s historical narrative also includes Kett’s Rebellion in 1549, a significant, though unsuccessful, protest against land enclosure. Despite not undergoing heavy industrialization during the Industrial Revolution, leading to a decline in Norwich’s prominence, Norfolk today thrives on agriculture and tourism. Its rich historical backdrop, coupled with its natural beauty and agricultural heritage, makes Norfolk a captivating and significant part of England’s landscape.

Norfolk, a picturesque county in the East of England, is steeped in history and natural beauty, offering a wealth of interesting facts that highlight its unique character:

The Broads National Park: Norfolk is home to the Broads, a network of navigable rivers and lakes. Often mistaken for natural formations, the Broads were actually created by medieval peat excavations. Today, they are a popular spot for boating, wildlife watching, and leisurely walks.

Birthplace of Lord Nelson: Horatio Nelson, one of Britain’s most celebrated naval commanders, was born in Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, in 1758. His victories during the Napoleonic Wars made him a national hero.

Norwich Cathedral: This stunning example of Romanesque architecture was completed in 1145. It boasts the second tallest spire in England and a 900-year-old door with its original sanctuary knocker.

Unique Dialect and Words: Norfolk has its own distinctive dialect and vocabulary. Words like “bishy barnabee” (ladybird), “dewin” (doing), and “mardle” (a chat) are just a few examples of the local vernacular.

Sandringham Estate: The Queen’s private residence in Norfolk, Sandringham House, is where the Royal Family traditionally spends Christmas. The estate is set in 20,000 acres of land and includes a museum and gardens that are open to the public.

Seal Watching: Norfolk’s coastline is one of the best places in the UK to watch common and grey seals, especially at Blakeney Point. The area is managed by the National Trust and offers guided boat tours.

Historic Pubs: The county is dotted with ancient pubs, some dating back to the 13th century. The Adam and Eve in Norwich is reputedly the oldest pub in the city, serving patrons since 1249.

Deep History Coast: Norfolk’s coastline, known as the Deep History Coast, has revealed mammoth skeletons and the oldest known human footprints outside Africa, dating back over 800,000 years.

Tulip Fields: In spring, parts of Norfolk transform into a riot of color with fields of tulips blooming. The sight rivals that of the more famous tulip fields in Holland.

Norwich: A City of Literature: In 2012, Norwich was designated England’s first UNESCO City of Literature. It has a rich literary history, a vibrant publishing industry, and is home to the National Centre for Writing.

Norfolk’s blend of historical significance, natural beauty, and cultural richness makes it a fascinating part of the UK to explore.

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