Ideal Logic C24 Combination Boiler

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Ideal Logic C24 Combination Boiler

An Ideal Budget boiler for 1 Bath / 2 Bed small homes and flats.

Key Features:

  • ErP Class A
  • Designed for ultimate compactness
  • Combination boiler that provides instant heat and water
  • Low components = Maximum reliability
  • Pre-heating functions
  • Built-in frost protection
  • Newly designed backlit display
  • Quick and easy installation

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The Ideal Logic C24 combination boiler is a cost-effective natural gas boiler that’s perfect for homeowners with smaller properties or flats. It’s a compact boiler that can be installed into a kitchen cupboard whilst offering a number of additional features and controls.

Ideal have designed the Logic C24 to be lightweight and to ensure a swift installation. Featuring a built-in automatic bypass and concealed connections, Allstar Systems will be able to install the Ideal Logic C24 boiler in your home as quickly as possible.

Given its size and low-cost, the Ideal Logic C24 Combi Boiler produces a 9.9l flow rate, which is ideal for small properties. At Allstar Systems, we’re here to recommend the perfect boiler for your property today. Contact us for more information.

Manufacturer: Ideal

Product Number: 161088

Warranty: 5 Years (Subject to T&Cs)

Model: Gas Boiler

Type: Combi Boiler

Boiler Height: 70cm

Boiler Width: 39.5cm

Boiler Depth: 27.8cm

Weight: 28.9kg

Boiler CH Output (Kw): 24.2

Domestic Hot Water Flow: 9.9L

ErP Hot Water Rating: A

ErP Heating Rating: A

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