Potterton Assure 25kW

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Potterton Assure 25kW

Reliable, compact budget boiler for 1 Bath / 2 Bed small homes and flats.  

Key Features:

  • ErP Class A
  • Up to 20m flueing options
  • No specialist tools required
  • Built-in drip tray for added water ingress and extreme weather protection
  • Carefully designed, aesthetic finish
  • Cost-effective boiler that produces fantastic results
  • Contains a central flue which eases sitting
  • Is compatible with weather sensor enhance system controls

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The Potterton Assure 25kW Combi Boiler truly is the perfect, reliable budget boiler for small properties and flats. Designed to save homeowners money, the Potterton Assure Combination boiler is an incredibly compact, reliable boiler.

Despite being a cost-effective boiler, Potterton haven’t compromised the sleek design and finish. Furthermore, the Assure 25kW Combi Boiler produces enough heat and hot water that is ideal for a flat or 2 bedroom home.

Allstar Systems is here to recommend the right Potterton Assure boiler as there are powerful models available. If you’re looking for a compact budget boiler, the Potterton Assure 25kW Combination Boiler is perfect for you.

Manufacturer: Potterton

Product Number: 170988

Warranty: 5 Years (Subject to T&Cs)

Model: Gas Boiler

Type: Combi Boiler

Boiler Height: 70cm

Boiler Width: 39cm

Boiler Depth: 28.5cm

Weight: 29kg

Boiler CH Output (Kw): 25

Domestic Hot Water Flow: 10.2L

ErP Hot Water Rating: A

ErP Heating Rating: A

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