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Smart Heating Controller

There have been numerous different advancements when it comes to thermostats. Gone are the days when coil and mercury switches used to rule the market. Programmable and digital thermostats, too, have lost their glam vibe as the newer, highly innovative, Smart Heating Controller takes over. There are two different kinds of technologies available in Smart Heating Controller. 1. Geo location Fencing Geo location fencing makes use of the cell phone’s location in order to adjust the temperature in your office or [...]


How to Bleed a Radiator

  If your radiators fail to heat up as much as they used to or should do, or if they are cold on the top and warmer at the bottom, it is much more likely that there is air trapped inside the radiator. To make sure your house is cosy and warm again, you should get your radiator to ‘bleed’ instantly. Bleeding the radiators is a fairly simple and quick process which effectively lets all the trapped air out, it [...]