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Latest MEES regulations from April – Landlords & Tenants

New regulations are now in force (from 1st April 2018) to make sure that landlords can no longer rent properties that don’t follow new energy saving rules. Any properties that are registered with F or G EPC grades wont be able to accept tenants and if you are a landlord you will need to take measures to reduce your properties energy waste levels. If you are a landlord this is something you need to investigate asap, as there are now [...]


Thermostatic Radiator Valve

In today’s modern world energy efficiency has gained more popularity as consumers now choose more effectual products than buying the ones with abundant marketing and promotions. Energy has also become a lot more expensive than before, which is why using Thermostatic radiator valves is beneficial for your heating system. These Thermostatic radiator valves can be easily installed to the system, and can control the temperatures as well. When the house temperature rises to the desired degree, these valves automatically [...]