LPG Gas Boiler


LPG Gas Boilers are one of the most commonly used central heating systems for heating & hot water within UK homes. The heated water is then effectively pumped throughout the property via your central heating pipes with the radiators in place to heat up the rooms. The water is also pumped to the showers and taps either directly from the boiler or stored in a tank for later use. LPG boilers make use of either an on grid or bulk LPG which is stored on site. We can talk you through the options here at Allstar Systems, depending on your location within he Norfolk area. The gas is then burned in the boiler’s combustion chamber and effectively warms the water up to approximately 70°C using a heating exchanger.


Are LPG boilers dangerous?

This question usually arises as people do associate carbon monoxide with gas burning boilers. The root cause of this is because when natural or LPG gas is burned without the presence of enough oxygen, it actually burns yellow which leads to the generation of carbon monoxide, which can be very lethal when inhaled for a long time period. However, if you have your gas boiler installed by one of our excellent and qualified engineers this should never happen. A safe and secure installation, along with regular services to your boiler will ensure it continues to work efficiently and safely. If you are in the Norfolk area talk to us about how we can help if you do have concerns around LPG boiler safety.


Are there different types of boiler available?

Yes, there are four main types of LPG boilers available in Norfolk and across the country; these are as follows:

  1. Combination or Combi Boilers

Combination Boilers do not require a water tank for storing hot water. They nonetheless produce hot water instantly and pump hot water directly to the taps and the showers from the boiler.

  1. System Boilers

System boilers store hot water in a highly insulated water tank and also have an additional cold-water tank as well.

  1. Regular Boilers

Regular Boilers work essentially in the same way as the system boilers. They can, however, be vented (one cold-water tank) or unvented (two cold-water tanks).

  1. Combined Heat and Power Boilers (CHPB)

Combined heat and power boilers (CHPB) are small micro power plants which provide hot water to the users just like the previously mentioned three boilers. The advantage which makes them better than the other three is that this boiler also generates energy around the house as well.


Are LPG boilers efficient?

We at All Stars Systems recommend that you replace your boiler every twelve years or so: this is necessary in order to compensate for both efficiency loss and also the lack of obtainable spare parts if you want to get the boiler repaired. Like with any item of technology or engineering, over time the product gets old and manufacturers may stop supporting that type of boiler, making it hard to find parts to replace etc. If your LPG Gas boiler is pre-2002 it is highly likely that it is a non condensing model, which is only up to 80% competent.With newer and highly innovative condensing model now available these offer more than 95% efficiency. This is what we would recommend to our customers.


Boiler controls

Gas boilers can be programmed to operate at set times of the day to guarantee that the house is never heated pointlessly if no one is home and ensure that you don’t waste energy heating your home when its empty. Furthermore, to support running your home’s heating efficiently, thermostats are available to install to ensure that your required temperature is reached and maintained. For properties which are large and have rooms that are not in use we may also recommend thermostatic radiator valves are installed in order to minimize the heat wasted. If you are in the Norfolk area, talk to us about how installing boiler controls in your home could help ensure you are heating your home efficiently.


How much do LPG boilers cost to run?

The running expenses of LPG boilers are not too different from those of oil boilers and, just like oil boilers, LPG Gas boilers need a storage tank along with a fuel feed. The price of installation and running an LPG Gas system is going to vary depending on a variety of factors such as:

  1. If you want to rent a storage tank or purchase one
  2. The size of your house
  3. The number of radiators which you own
  4. How you use the heating system

Installing a new boiler

If you are thinking about purchasing and installing a new LPG Gas boiler, All Stars System have some of the best LPG engineers in Norfolk working for us to ensure that we provide only the best of products and services to you. For more information feel free to contact us!