Alpha E60 Fault

Alpha E60 Fault

If the Alpha E60 error code is displayed on your 20s boiler, it means that there is a fault with the fan. This error occurs when the boiler fan does not work properly. This fan expels combustion gases from the boiler and draws air into it for combustion. If this fan fails then you may have problems running the system such as improper venting of exhaust gases which can also be a safety hazard.
Alpha E60 Error Code Causes

Defective Fan: The condition of wear and tear, damages or electrical hitches to the fan itself may prevent it from working properly.

Airways or Flue are Blocked/ Restricted: The airflow can be adversely affected by blockages in these areas thereby affecting performance of the fan.

Electrical Connection issues: Inappropriate wiring connections with loose wires or circuit malfunctioning could cause failures.

Control Board Problems: The control board in charge of regulating how fans operate in boilers such as Alpha is also very wrong at times.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the Alpha E60 Error Code

Examine Obstructions: Make sure that there are no visible obstructions to airflow on either flue or air intake Remove any obstructions you can see if they exist

Listen for Fan Sounds – When starting up your boiler, listen closely to hear if you can hear any sound from the ventilation systems. If it doesn’t make noise, then it means that it has no current input whereas strange sounds mean mechanical failure.

Check Electrical Connections – Check all electric connections going to your unit’s mechanical motor. However, small changes done by an expert will enhance its operation through maintenance.

Reset Boiler- Whenever possible reset project after check for any obstruction and firm connection between cables should be sought at all costs since some problems are temporary faults as claimed by many operators

Professional Diagnosis and Repair – Given that there might be numerous issues regarding fans, printed circuits or their management system which can result into complexities should therefore need for the assistance of an expert. One must seek advice as well as solution that is going to be at par with any problem related to fan, circuit or control panel once it has been diagnosed by an expert.

Routine Maintenance—To reduce the chances of ever coming across E60 fault again and other errors of different types from occurring in future, your boiler should be serviced frequently by a technician who is certified. The most minor thing may bring about issues associated with the fan, electric connections and airflow and further resulting into faults if they are not addressed on time.


The Alpha E60 error code indicates that there is a problem with the fan which must be addressed immediately so that safe and efficient operation of the boiler system can be maintained. While you can perform basic checks and reset your home plumbing systems in case they do not work properly, it is advisable to consult with technicians who will help you fix every faulty device using their knowledge. Regular servicing can help maintain the fan and other boiler components in good working order, preventing future faults.