Vokera A08 Fault

Vokera A08 Fault

What Is Vokera A08 Error

Vokèra A08 error code implies a return thermistor fault. This sensor measures the heat of water coming back from central heating to the boiler. It is at the risk of overheating or not heating at all, when there are problems with its ability of regulating. The system may overheat or not heat adequately if the readings from this sensor are off.

Reasons for Vokèra A08 Error Code

Broken Return Thermistor: Broken and damaged thermistors can provide wrong temperature readings to the control unit in a boiler.

Problematic Wiring: Faulty wiring between return thermistor and boiler control panel may disrupt transmission of correct temperature data.

Accumulation of Mud and Limescale: Accumulation around the thermistor especially inside the system interferes with its correct measurement of water temperatures.

Wrong Positioning or Poor Fixing: If you have installed your return thermistor incorrectly, it does not matter whether it has been detached as well as this problem will lead to inaccurate sensing of temperature changes in return water.

Solving Vokèra A08 Error Code Issues

Check Out on Return Thermistor: Take your time and look carefully at your return controller. You may need to clean it up if it seems like defective one.

Inspect Connection and Wiring: Keep checking that all connections on the way to a control unit are firm enough so that they do not loosen up with time. Damaged wires should be replaced or mended immediately.

Remove Sludge or Scale Deposits: Engaging a technician for flushing out obstructions such as sludge or scale surrounding a thermistor is recommendable in case you find them present.

Confirm Thermistor Positioning: Ensure that positioning of your manufacturer’s recommended return controller is perfect by going through the instructions. You might have to call an expert in cases where repositioning becomes necessary.

Restart Boiler System – Resetting your boiler should be the step you take after resolving all issues to check whether your error codes will disappear allowing normal operations to continue.

Consult Qualified Engineer – If none of these measures works, or if you are not sure what else to do, it is recommended that you get in touch with a Gas Safe registered plumber. In some cases the entire return thermistor may need replacement hence it is advisable to consult a professional who can diagnose problems using proper tools and equipment.

Regular Maintenance: Get a technician who understands how to service your heating system regularly as part of its preventive care. This will help him or her identify any minor issues that might be developing in the system.


Vokèra A08 error code means a central heating return thermistor needs immediate attention for optimum functioning of the boiler. There are preliminary checks and cleaning that homeowners can undertake but rectifying issues affecting the functionality or wiring of the thermistor generally requires an expert. Regular servicing keeps maintaining its efficiency and avoids recurring faults like this one.