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Ideal Boiler F3 fault code

Signals issues related to the boiler’s fan or air pressure switch, both critical for the unit’s safety and efficiency. This error suggests that the boiler’s internal mechanism, responsible for expelling harmful gases and maintaining appropriate pressure, is malfunctioning. Causes for the F3 error could range from mechanical wear and tear on the fan itself to electrical issues affecting the fan’s operation or problems with the air pressure switch. The fan in your boiler is essential for maintaining safe operation. It [...]


Ideal Boiler F2 fault code

Ideal Boiler F2 fault code The Ideal Logic F2 fault code is a specific indicator that the boiler’s flame has extinguished after initially igniting, particularly when there is a demand for heating or hot water. This fault is distinct from ignition issues, which are typically signalled by an L2 code. Understanding the primary causes of an F2 fault is crucial for diagnosing and resolving the issue effectively. Here are the four main reasons why a boiler flame might go out, [...]


Ideal Boiler L2 fault code

The L2 fault code on an Ideal boiler indicates a significant issue where the flame has failed to light or has gone out, triggering the boiler to lock out as a precautionary measure. This safety feature prevents potential gas leaks into your home without proper ignition, a scenario that boilers are meticulously designed to avoid. The root causes of an L2 fault code can range from gas supply problems to failures in specific boiler components, necessitating professional intervention to [...]


Ideal Boiler F1 fault code

Ideal Boiler F1 fault code When facing an F1 fault code on your Ideal boiler, it’s a signal that your heating system is experiencing low water pressure. It’s crucial not to overlook this error or attempt a quick fix by simply restarting your boiler, as doing so could ignore underlying issues that might lead to more serious damage or safety hazards. The boiler turns itself off as a precaution to prevent damage and ensure the safety of everyone in the [...]


How to save on energy bills

Energy consumption is a big expense and is considered one of the most costly whether for a company or for an individual. Why try to save on energy bills? Whether you are moving house or simply feel like you might need to rethink your expenses, re-evaluating your consumption is a good way to save on energy bills, if the offer you have is not the right one for you. People often find themselves in a situation where they realise they are spending [...]


Boiler serving before the winter: benefits

Boilers are the hub of most of our homes, we depend on them to keep us warm, help keep us clean with hot showers and clean clothes. When they breakdown it can be very disruptive to our lives. However, breakdowns can be avoided, regular boiler servicing can help ensure your boiler is operating correctly and safely. Now is the perfect time to get your boiler serviced to ensure it is working to its best ability when it works at its hardest; [...]


How to choose the correct boiler for your needs

Boilers come in all shapes and sizes and run on different fuels, so it can be confusing how to know which one is good for you. We have provided a breakdown of the categories of boilers available to choose from and their benefits to help you make a decision: Combi Boilers These are the most common in UK homes and specifically within the Norfolk area. They do not rely on a hot water tank, so if you live in a smaller property or [...]


The Worcester Range

We can now offer up to a 10-year guarantee on all Worcester CDI Compact, CDI Classic SI, RI & Junior range as well as the Worcester Greenstar System filter. Find out more about these products below: Greenstar CDi Classic combi boilers We have developed a two-way communication process with our WAI network which has enabled us to develop a number of improvements to our CDi combi boiler which is part of our award-winning Greenstar gas boiler range. Check out our boiler [...]


Oil boiler installation

If you live in an area not connected to a natural gas supply, oil boilers may be a good option for your home. Oil fired boilers can do near enough everything that a gas fired boiler can do, so you won’t be missing out on any particular features. Like with gas fired boilers there are still regulations that have to be met which is done using condensing technology to help reduce energy consumption and increase productivity. There are fewer types [...]

Technician servicing the gas boiler for hot water and heating ** Note: Shallow depth of field

Regular Boiler Servicing – A Long Term Safety Investment

  Many households in Norfolk and Norwich don’t realise that the boiler breakdown costs can be a hefty investment. Thousands of pounds are spent on equipment repair, along with income losses and property damage. Most city administration, municipality and countries have definite laws pertaining to boiler inspection to minimise the chances of an accident. The inspections are conducted by certified inspectors, but the maintenance services are provided by renowned plumbing and heating services, like All Star Systems. Safety Hazards and Damage to [...]