Alpha E28 Fault

Alpha E28 Fault

The Alpha E28 error code indicates a fault with the flue system. This could mean there’s a blockage, disconnection, or some other issue with the flue that’s preventing proper venting of exhaust gases from the boiler. A functioning flue is critical for safe boiler operation, as it ensures harmful combustion gases are safely expelled outside the building.

Causes of Alpha E28 Error Code

  1. Flue Blockage: Debris, bird nests, or other obstructions in the flue can restrict the flow of exhaust gases.
  2. Incorrect Flue Installation: If the flue is not installed according to manufacturer specifications, it could lead to improper venting.
  3. Flue Damage: Any damage to the flue system, such as cracks or disconnections, can compromise its integrity and function.
  4. Condensation Issues: In some cases, excessive condensation within the flue system can also trigger this fault code, particularly if it impedes the exhaust flow.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the Alpha E28 Error Code

  1. Visual Inspection: If safe and accessible, perform a visual check of the flue for any obvious signs of blockage or damage. However, do not attempt to remove blockages or repair damage yourself.
  2. Check Flue Installation: Review the installation of the flue system to ensure it complies with the manufacturer’s guidelines and building regulations. This typically requires professional expertise.
  3. Seek Professional Help: Due to the potential dangers involved with flue problems, such as the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, it’s advisable to contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to diagnose and fix the issue. A professional can safely clear blockages, repair damage, and ensure the flue is correctly installed.
  4. Regular Maintenance: Prevent future E28 errors by ensuring your boiler and flue system undergo regular professional maintenance. Annual checks can identify and rectify issues before they lead to fault codes or more serious safety concerns.


The Alpha E28 error code is a critical alert related to the boiler’s flue system, highlighting issues that could affect the safe operation of your boiler. Addressing this error typically requires professional intervention to ensure that the flue is clear, correctly installed, and functioning as intended. Regular maintenance is essential to maintaining the safety and efficiency of your heating system, helping to prevent flue-related problems and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.