Potterton E110 Fault

Potterton E110 Fault

The E110 error code for Potterton signifies that the boiler has over-heated. This takes place when the temperature of water inside the boiler passes beyond the maximum safe limit by manufacturers. Various factors may trigger an overheating condition, which in turn indicate a likelihood of one problem or another within heating system that need to be fixed before this appliance can work safely and efficiently.
Potterton E110 Error Code Causes

Faulty Thermostat: If defective, a thermostat will not be able to regulate the temperature of the boiler leading to over-heating.

Blocked Heat Exchanger: Sludge or limescale deposits within a heat exchanger might prevent water from flowing freely through it. Consequently, similar heat cannot be dissipated.

Pump Failure: If the circulation pump fails, there will be no proper recirculation of water throughout the system leading to localized overheating.

Restricted Water Flow: Obstructed pipes, close valves or airlock problems will reduce flow rate causing high temperatures in boilers.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the Potterton E110 Error Code

Check out your Thermostats- Ensure these devices are working fine if not get a new one.

Inspecting Heat Exchangers- Look out for any sign indicating presence of sludge or scale on them, this may require you to have professional flush your systems for any jamming substance blocking their ways.

Evaluate Pumps- Listen and feel whether pumps are functioning properly as they would give unusual sound and warmth respectively. If they do not operate correctly then there is need for someone who can fix or even replace them immediately as per required by an expert technician.
Ensure Proper Water Flow – Open all system valves until completely open while bleeding radiators so that any form of obstructions resulting into air locks ceasing movement of fluids away from heating boilers could be dealt with at once.
Reset Boiler – If already repaired reset boiler in order to delete error codes then restart operation again. Consult manufacturer’s manual for resetting instructions.
Get Help from Professionals- In case the E110 error continues or if you cannot recognize the problem then call a Gas Safe registered engineer. Skilled mechanics can help to identify the source of over heating and repair it safely.


Potterton E110 error code is a very critical indicator of boiler overheating. Fixing this defect will involve checking the thermostat, heat exchanger and pump with an aim of repairing or replacing any that might be faulty. Due to the complexity involved with such problems as well as the importance of ensuring safety in boilers, expert diagnosis and repair are often needed. Therefore, regular maintenance will go a long way in preventing such scenarios to make sure your boiler remains functional all through its useful life.