The Need for Water Softeners

Water Softener

The Need for Water Softeners

Soft Water: The Need for Water Softeners

A water softener is an agent that softens the water by eliminating all the hazardous minerals that can make water hard. Primarily, water that comprises of a high amount of magnesium or calcium is referred to as hard water. Hard water can be a source of multiple problems in your household. Hard water makes it difficult to dissolve soap or detergent in water and leaves water spots. The organic acid found in soaps and detergents reacts with hard water resulting in the formation of magnesium and calcium which make it less effective.

Hard water acts as a catalyst to foster the build-up of scale in water appliances and pipelines which can hamper the efficiency of your water heater. This indirectly translates into greater energy bills, since more energy will be required to heat the water. Hard water can adversely affect your skin resulting in dry and flaky skin due to the soap’s scum. Moreover, hair washed with hard water loses its shine, becomes brittle and feels sticky. Many a times, people become accustomed to the harmful effects of hard water, feeling little to no difference. However some may experience a few effects of hard water. Irrespective of the physical affects, hard water can be toxic and injurious to health. Households and commercial establishments can protect their households by making use of soft water. This will not only prolong the lifespan of pipelines, home appliances, but will also reduce your energy expenditure and prevent clogging.

How to Treat Hard Water?
To reduce the hazardous effects of hard water, you can render the services of All Star Systems, a heating and plumbing service in Norfolk and Norwich. The experts at All Star Systems will treat the hard water with a water softener agent for removing the minerals for its clients in Norfolk and Norwich. Primarily, in water softening an ion exchange takes place which removes those ions that are positively charged. The anti-scale system transforms the calcium ions into calcium crystals which are stable. Thereby, they do not fix with surfaces, pipes, fixtures or appliances. Moreover, the crystals become so small that they are easily rinsed off with a steady stream of water. Hence, the water softener makes the mineral so stable that it prevents lime deposits by not attaching itself to any surface.

Benefit of a Water Softener:
Typically, the benefits of water treated with a water softener is far more than its contemporary counterparts. A few benefits are explained as follow:

• Soft water results in cleaner laundry and shinier glassware, tiles, mirrors, silverware or other plumbing fixtures,
• Soft water can result is soft and clean skin. The hair quality tends to get better with soft water, eliminating frizz and dullness.
• With soft water, there is a significant drop in the curdling of soap. Furthermore, it makes the day to day errands easier by reducing housework.
• Softened water tends to produce rich lather which results in lesser usage of shampoos and soaps.
• Clothing feels softer since there are no hard minerals trapped within the fabric. It increases the lifespan of clothing.
• Hard water tends to add a grey tint to white clothing. However, softened water retains its crisp shine.
• Water appliances such as dishwashers, water heaters, washing machines and ice makers tend to perform better with soft water increasing its lifespan.
• The energy related expenditures tend to go down significantly.
• Clogs due to hard water can result in low water pressure in your household.

However, by opting for water softening, you will observe a subsequent improvement in the flow of water. The water pressure will get better and clogging will stop. In today’s time, all households in Norfolk and Norwich aspire to reduce their energy expenses. With All Star Systems they can rightly do so. There are numerous underlying causes which can result in high bills, where hard water is one of the primary reasons which often goes neglected. Opting for a professional water softening service provider can help you in reducing energy related expenditures, improve your overall health and enhance the lifespan of water appliances, pipes and tiles. All Star Systems has a team of experts that specialise in water softener related jobs. The company is a reliable name in plumbing and heating service offering great value of money to its clientele.