Vokera A06 Fault

Vokera A06 Fault

Vokèra A06 error code would indicate a flue overheat failure within the boiler system. This occurs when the temperature in the flue overpasses a safe operating limit; this may be due to many reasons. An essential section of the boiler for venting gases outside its premises is through the flue pipe. The overheating situation in the flue is serious because it can affect efficient and secure operation of the boiler and it could be hazardous to people and property.
Causes of Vokèra A06 Error Code

Flue Blockages: Blockage in the flue, such as birds, waste or accumulation of soot can restrict exhaust gas flows leading to overheating.

Incorrect Flue Installation: If there has been faulty installation of a flue or issues with its configuration that would restrict proper venting out gases thereby causing an increase in temperature.

Faulty Fan: The fan helps to drive out exhaust gases through the outlet located at the top of a building. Malfunctioning fans fail to expel all gases out hence leading to overheat.

Heat Exchanger Issues: blockages or faults with these elements that make water hot may also contribute into higher temperatures within flues if heat is not being delivered efficiently enough.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the Vokèra A06 Error Code

Inspecting Flue for Blockages – Check if there are any visible obstacles inside it that could cause overheating. Clear any obstruction found so as to facilitate proper escape for gaseous products from combustion areas through chimneys.

Verifying Flue Installation – Make sure that it is correctly installed following manufacturers’ instructions. In some cases, professional inspection may have needed especially for internal configurations related problems.

Check Fan Operation- Observe whether ventilation fans work properly or replace them with new ones which are serviced by specialists only, otherwise they will not do their work effectively while trying o remove smoke from rooms which are being heat.

Inspecting the Heat Exchanger – Scan the heat exchanger for any signs of blockage or damage that is often caused by various reasons, also this could require a skilled person to replace it if there’s any doubt about overheating resultant from its functioning.

Resetting the Boiler – After you exhaust all possibilities about flue overheat, try resetting it back again so that normal functioning starts off without displaying an error message.

When in Doubt, Seek Expert Help: Do not hesitate to call an engineer registered with Gas Safe in case A06 code is still on. In particular, problems related to flues and heat exchangers must never be addressed without consulting professionals since they may be dangerous if allowed to persist during boiler operation.


The Vokèra A06 error code is critical because it indicates that the boiler system has been exposed to excessive temperatures through the flue pipe thereby necessitating urgent intervention. While some checks can be performed by homeowners, such as inspecting the flue for blockages, resolving underlying issues often requires professional intervention. Regular maintenance and inspections can help prevent flue-related problems and maintain the safe operation of your heating system.