Gas Safe Register

Gas Safe Register

Gas is dangerous, and sometimes, potentially lethal. Therefore, if you are thinking about getting a boiler fitted, gas fire replaced or even a cooker repaired, you ought to first make sure that the engineer you are about to hire is professionally qualified to carry out this work safely.

1. Gas Safe Register

By the law of UK, anyone who wishes to get gas appliances installed or repaired must be on the Gas Safe Register, which was initiated in the year 2009 and was the replacement of the CORGI gas registration scheme. Approximately 125,000 engineers have been listed and their proficiency verified so as to maintain thorough health along with safety standards. The Gas Safe Register, furthermore, also carries out customary inspections as well as investigations of any reports of malpractice.

2. Do Not Do It Yourself

You must always utilize a Gas Safe Registered professional engineer to get your gas appliances fitted and repaired at home or the office. You should never attempt to complete the job yourself without professional assistance, no matter how good you are on the job.

3. Landlord’s responsibilities

Landlords are lawfully responsible for all the maintenance of all the different gas appliances on their properties. They should, furthermore, also get a gas safety check one after every twelve months. Both – this maintenance and the security checks ought to be undertaken by a Gas Safe Registered proficient engineer. Do not forget to give your tenant a copy of the generated safety report within the first twenty-eight days of the inspection being carried out.

4. Find an engineer

It is very easy to find an appropriate professional as the Gas Safe Register operates a ‘Find an Engineer’ option on its website ( Simply type in the postcode and your service randomly picks fifty different engineers located in your vicinity. Or you can also further refine this search by choosing a specific kind of engineer. The internet service is very quick and also fairly easy to use, but if needed, you can always also call the free of charge consumer helpline on the number 0800 408 5500.

5. Different qualifications

It is also very important to confirm that the engineer has been trained to carry out the required work because there are numerous different types of requirements. For instance, some engineers might be experts in fitting a boiler but they might not have the skills required to fit a cooker. Gas

Safe engineers have an authorised identification card and you will be able to find all the details you need to of their respective qualifications printed on the back of this card.

6. Check the engineer’s identity

You can also validate their identity as an engineer with the Gas Safe Register’s Check an Engineer service. Just simply input the license number on the identity card and almost instantly you will be able to view all the engineer’s details on your computer screen. You will also have the information sent directly to your cell phone. On the other hand, you can also check if a business has been registered by simply texting GAS along with the business registration number to the number 85080.

7. Free inspection

The Gas Safe Register agrees to regular inspections in order to make sure that all the work, which is carried out by these engineers on the register, is up to the mark. You may, therefore, have to put your property up for a free security inspection. Anybody is free to apply, as long as the work has been finished within the previous 6 months. The Gas Safe Register will not inspect all properties, however, they will let you know in just six months when to arrange a visit. The engineer is also going to be invited to attend.